Walk in the Park

09 May 2011

Noah and I took a walk in the park yesterday evening and I'm hoping it will become a regular thing. Last summer when I was here alone I would go for walks in the park periodically. It's so relaxing!

Though these pictures don't show it, last night the park was quite crowded! There were at least seven 'games' of soccer happening, the baseball diamond was in use, and I suspect there were two birthday parties there as well. 

I still have seven days left until my summer courses begin and I hope to relax and enjoy them! The whole apartment is hoping to be disciplined about going to the gym, I'd like to go to some downtown areas in neighboring cities, and we're cooking food (like chocolate chip pancakes) on a regular basis. 

At the very least, summer is off to a great start. 

Noah is staying here for the summer to (which we weren't sure about for a while) and I'm so glad he is! Of course, I would have been happy for him to go to a music camp in Michigan, but this is our first summer together where we didn't live at least 25 minutes apart. I'm really happy.

All that's left to do is buy books for my classes, take regular walks, get in exercise, and find ways to keep in contact with friends. 



Morgan said...

yay for summer activities!

kimbirdy said...

aw, isn't it great to relax and enjoy your life post-undergrad? :) and it's only one more year to get your master's, is that right? piece of cake. it'll fly by and before you know it, your wedding will be here. yay! i hope you two get some really fun memories living together this summer.

Sarah Nicole said...

The park is so beautiful! Glad to hear your summer is off to a wonderful start.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

That's wonderful that Noah is staying for the summer!

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