Getting into Goals

16 June 2011

You may remember my Sunday 101 posts and I'm about to get back into them. Back around New Years I made a decision to try and stick to my goals for the long term. I called it 101 in 1001 and my list is filled with little aspirations that mean something to me. 

Example: Go to Britain.

So, after the hectic schedules of graduation and graduate school I'm ready to get back into it. When you fall of the horse you need to get back on right? The best way to reach a goal is to realize that goal, work towards it, and to not give up. Well, I'm not giving up.

Example: Learn a new instrument, adopt an animal from the SPCA.

I'm not saying I'll reach all 101 over the course of this project, but I'm sure I'll reach more by recognizing the goals and by keeping track weekly of the work I'm doing. 

So I ask you, in June, how are your New Years resolutions going? What are some major goals you want to achieve this month?

Example: Go on a horseback ride.

And, as I said in the very first post about 101 in 1001:

Now, I will ask of you a favor. As I go throughout this time trying to complete these goals, ask questions about them, give any helpful advice you have, tell about your own experience with completing goals & aspirations in your life, and mention a few goals of your own!


kimbirdy said...

i took a break from my monthly goals last month. i just needed to take a bit of time to sit still with life. i prefer not to think of it as falling off the bandwagon, but more of taking a pit stop. but i'm back into working on ways to improve my life on a monthly basis again. this month, i'm just recovering from the recent exhaustion of life.

one thing i've found works for me to stay on top of my goals throughout the year is to schedule them in. i drafted a blog post for each month, so when i go in to write a posts, i see all the new months waiting for me. i also set up alerts, or schedule in specifics "goal" dates with myself, say on a sunday afternoon {or whenever you have down time} to work on one of my goals. if i don't add them into my schedule i completely forget about them. out of sight, out of mind. that's the biggest thing which has helped me. oh and being patient and gentle with myself if i do forget. that's important too.

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I love these! I have been trying really hard to stay on top of my resolutions, too. I need to get on my list of 30 before 30. I have some ideas but I need to sit down and actually think about it!

Jamie said...

This post was a great reminder that I've let my goal - be more present - slip a bit. Maybe it s time to step away from the computer and send more time with friends and family.

Café Chick said...

I still have a few 101 in 1001 goals to complete but am taking my time in doing them. They are mostly 'big ones', eg buy a house, so take more organising and are more dependent on outside factors than some of the smaller, easier to achieve goals from my list. I'm glad you're still enjoying working on your list.

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