Grand Ideas

12 June 2011

I have a plan..... and here's a hint.

Noah and I have officially started planning.

Yep, six months after the engagement and about a year before we hope to get married, we're in the beginning stages of wedding planning. 

You know how I love the farm market? Well, a local lavender farm always brings gifts and lavender-themed items and I asked about visiting their farm. They're open to the public!

Noah and I visited today with the idea in mind that we might get our engagement photos done here. 

After visiting, it's decided. We're heading here next week with my friend, Meredith, who is a photographer to do an engagement photo session. 

We also visited a vineyard today and asked about price estimates if we used them as a venue. It's strange to get started but it's exciting as well. I feel so ready.

I can't imagine what my life would be without Noah and I'm excited to be planning the rest of my life with him.

Happy Sunday all!


Brittney said...

How exciting!!!!!! :D can't wait to see pics!!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

There's nothing prettier than a field of lavender! Can't wait to see those engagement photos. You two are such a lovely couple. Enjoy the planning- it is so much fun!

kimbirdy said...

i love lavender! it's gorgeous. we were so lucky that the house we rented for our wedding had lavender bushes all around the yard. a friend of mine actually got married on a lavender farm out here. you really can't go wrong. :) good luck with the planning!

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