Homemade Salsa

15 June 2011

 Here's to catching up on some of the food posts!

I got this recipe from Ree Drummonds, aka Pioneer Woman. I've been wanting to make my own salsa for ages but we just got a blender so I can finally fulfill my wishes.

You need a can of whole tomatoes, two cans of Rotel, an onion, cilantro, sugar, salt, cumin, and a jalapeno pepper. You're also supposed to have some lime juice but, being me, I went without.

Throw in all the tomatoes (with their juice) and then chop up about half an onion or so and add it.

Then throw in some chopped jalapeno pepper (seeds and all). 

Next put in 1/2 a cup to a whole cup of cilantro. I was so proud getting my cilantro from our garden. I ended up using about half a cup for our salsa. 

Throw it in the blender along with 1/4 tsp of salt, 1/4 sugar, and 1/4 cumin.  Blend and voilà. You now have splendid salsa.

It really is delicious and amazing. Just be warned about the amount. Let me tell you your options:

  1. Clean off half a shelf in your fridge to store the salsa
  2. Be taking a bowl or two to a party in the very near future
  3. Share with the neighbors or friends
  4. OR.... be prepared to suffer salsa overdose.
Ree has a big family but around here, well, that is a ton of salsa. It should keep well, but just be warned!

Now, if you have a blender go and try this little joy for yourself. Mmmm!

1 comment:

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Oh! Those photos! They've got my mouth watering... There's just something so fresh and summery about homemade salsa. It's a million times better than the stuff they sell at the grocery store.

I'm inspired to whip up my own now. Thanks, Alli! (and as soon as the tomatoes in my garden are big enough, I'm totally using them to make a fresh bowl... mmm! I can't wait!)

PS: I know what you mean about it being easier sometimes to share with strangers around the globe than with the people you know in real life. I tend to feel the same.

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