Optimism & a Summer Wishlist

15 June 2011

Yesterday in one of my classes we did an activity called Circle the Wagons. It's about building relationships with students and part of the activity asks the students to say a word that describes how they're feeling at the moment. I chose the word "optimistic". 

It's a beautiful summer, I'm officially a college graduate, and there are abundant hours in the near future to be filled with reading, farm markets, and journeys to the outdoors. What's not to love? 

I thought I'd make a post about my Summer Wishlist also known as those hopes and dreams you have for summer but somehow never get around to.

I'm hoping to be held accountable here! 



I've seen several bloggers talk about doing this and it's making my heart joyous. I'd love to float right down the Shenandoah!



I'd love to have several picnics over the course of this summer. Some whimsical ones with friends and perhaps a romantic one or two in the evening with Noah would be nice. 


Make my own sangria.

Something about this seems fun and delightful. I'm not very into alcohol (I can barely stand the taste!) but sangria isn't half bad. Even if I don't drink it it just seems like you must be a great hostess if you can make your own sangria. Maybe that's just me.


Go camping.

This could be a challenge because I don't have the tent right now, but we are less than an hour away from Skyline Drive and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. There's every reason to go and no reason not to.



Remember, we're in an apartment so we don't have our own space for a grill or outdoor eating. Yet my favorite food off the grill has to be grilled pineapple. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! You can put a honey and lemon glaze over it and it's just perfect. There are actually quite a number of vegetarian options on the grill (think bananas, corn, vegetable pockets....).

I'm quite relaxed and content right now. I have a feeling that this summer will continue to be wonderful.


kimbirdy said...

those all sound like perfect summer events. we made our own sangria for our wedding, which meant that all summer long we were experimenting. it was a very delicious summer. ;) and i miss camping in the smokeys. there were fewer people and way more bodies of water than the places out west. i really hope you get to go. if there's no rain, you can just sleep on a tarp under the night sky. fun and romantic! :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I haven't been tubing in years. Hoping to get out on the water several times this summer! And yes to the picnics. I love a picnic. Especially a supper-time one on a hot summer evening.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Nice list! :) Grilled pineapple sounds SO good right now! Thanks for getting that craving started. haha. Looks like you have lots of fun lined up! Hope you get to do all the things on your list!
p.s. Found you on FTLOB!

Ashley said...

Picnics and sangrias sound great! Good luck making your summer wish list happen! :)

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