Picture Ready

21 June 2011


Ah.... I'm already excited about tomorrow morning! Six months after the proposal and we're getting engagement photos done. I'm happy.

My friend also took me out after class today to take photos of my eyes for her summer photo journal. That's very flattering. She picked two people for each eye color to include in her journal and for blue it was her boyfriend and me. How nice is that? Noah always says he loves my eyes but I always wish I had brown (my face desperately needs some definition). 

Well, I still need to pick out an outfit for casual wear tomorrow and it'd be great if we could get Noah's haircut (before 10am). Ok, so the photo shoot came up on us quickly! Hah. Any suggestions for colors to wear when you're in a lavender field?

I'm nearly done with recording my video for Harrisonburg Virginia. Remember, you don't have to do a video! It could be a write up about your city/state/country, photos, or any other method you'd like to use. Do whatever suits you, all participation is appreciated!


Alexis Kaye said...

that's so great you're getting married! I just got married a month ago today! It's the best :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that sometimes wishes for brown eyes! I have green eyes and while sometimes I love them I always sometimes wish I had deep brown eyes. They always seem to really warm people up.

Ashley said...

My eyes were brown forever and then they turned hazel and switch between brown and green. I always hated having brown eyes though. Just goes to show you want what you can't have! Can't wait to see the engagement pics and hear more about wedding plans! So fun! :)

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