Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Sneak Peek

22 June 2011

This is the first photo our photographer has shared with us. 

We had a great time this morning walking around the lavender farm with our photographer and friend, Meredith. I'm excited to see the photos! 

Tomorrow I'll take you on a tour of Harrisonburg! I'd love to hear about your city, state, country or a place you feel knowledgeable/comfortable talking about! You could email me a write up, photo diary, or video. Get details here.

{For one more engagement preview you could click the Wedding Plans tab. Trust me, it's gorgeous! Meredith knows what I love!}


Ashley said...

Looks sweet! :) I'd like to do a write up for you of Edmond and of Disney World (which I feel I know just as well, lol), but I don't know if I'll ever have time. I'm having trouble finding time to keep up with my blog these days! If I do get time I'll send you something though. :)

Haley K said...

oh that photo is SO SWEET! and i checked out the collage of photos from the engagement shoot on your wedding plans tab...canNOT wait to see the rest :) Hope you're doing great Alli! <3

Mimi said...

oooooh, that photo is so adorably cute! i'm sure the rest of your engagement photos are just as sweet. :)

<3, Mimi

kimbirdy said...

oh, this looks so cute! i can't wait to see more. and thank you so much for your great comment today. you are so right about enjoying those simple, little things you can share with your love through the day. i could appreciate those things a whole lot more than i do right now.

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