The World in a Post: Harrisonburg, Virginia

23 June 2011

Hello World!

Today I'm going to share a little bit of Harrisonburg with you. Harrisonburg is certainly no tourist getaway but it's a nice little town nestled between mountains. The college campus takes up a good portion of the city and when it's summer it's a lot easier to cat around town.

In the video I shared only a few parts because 1) I don't have the resources to record it all and 2) How long of a video should it be anyways?

I focused on trying to show the small town and outdoorsy feel because I think those are two of the main characteristics of Harrisonburg. In the video you'll see:

  • Green, and lots of it. Is it similar to your neck of the woods or no? 
  • The farm market, small and downtown we have local farmers who bring food and goods to the table
  • A few quick shots of farms/barns because agriculture is big here
  • Mountains, beautiful mountains
  • the Shenandoah River
  • JMU's campus
  • A road or two: just because our typical roads look very different from big city roads I'm sure
  • quick bit about civil war: some people around here still care. I don't think it's a good thing, but I threw it in because it's something that probably makes harrisonburg different from your town and that's what I wanted to emphasize
  • Walmart - because shopping is not a recreational activity here, we don't go shopping for fun. There's just no place to do that here!
And I left sound in on purpose. I seriously considered putting a song over the background noise but I thought it added an element (voices in the farm market and especially the quiet, earthy calm out at the Shenandoah River around 3:20).

What you don't see but I would like to include:
  • Skyline Drive (the top of the mountains looking into the valley)
  • Hikes (I mention them but I'd love to show you some of the nearby waterfall hikes)
  • Wildlife - We have lots of squirrels and deer but no buffalo (if anyone lives in the west and would like to do a post that'd be AWESOME)
  • People - You get a glimpse of the population at the Market but I would like to emphasize that people aren't um dressy here. It's usually flanel, jeans, overalls, t-shirts.... It's rural and it's farm life. Of course the college crowd cares a bit more but the actual townfolk, they're kind and intelligent - don't underestimate farmers
  • The Green & Local movement - We have a big push towards green and towards local here. That AMAZES me. Trust me, it's very republican and very conservative here so it really surprised me to find so many ways to get involved here. Just goes to show that sometimes ideas are bigger than imaginary lines we draw. We have green councils, the farm market, the food co-op, and green  drinks (people get together to talk about 'green energy' issues over drinks) among many more. It may or may not seem like a lot compared to your area but after growing up in a city nearby in the Shenandoah Valley that didn't do this I really value a city that does.
  • Caves/Caverns - we have a ton of karst environments to tour and explore!
Harrisonburg may be a small city (town) but it's got a lot of great features. If you're into the outdoors then I especially recommend it to you. We have many hikes, caves, and water activities to do here. 

Hope that gives you some insight into my town!


I'd still love to hear about yours! If you're willing to do a post about your city, state, or country I'd be really interested to share it! Take some photos, do a written post, or make a video and send it to me at: allisonmseward {at} gmail {dot} com 

It'd be great to explore the world (and share it) through your eyes!


Haley K said...

oh all that green reminds me of my home town! (i grew up in Vancouver, WA...the good ol NW:) And i love farmers markets!

kimbirdy said...

in college i had some good friends from new market, va, just north of you. i went up several times and enjoyed country life up there. they had a cabin in the woods which their parents built themselves from the trees on the property {they lived in a tent while they built the house - they're as hippy as you can get}. :) i grew up in chattanooga, tn and was always over in the smokeys for hikes, camping, caving, and rafting. it was a pretty fun place to grow up and have lots of outdoor adventures, like the time i had a super up close and personal bear encounter camping on skyline drive. you call it "farm markets" in virginia? we call it "farmers markets."

Ashley said...

Dang. You make me want to live there! Josh saw a job open in his industry for a Church organization we like in Virginia last week and I was like, "apply, apply!" I'd love to be on that side of the US. Not to mention being closer to Disney World and near DC would be awesome!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Um... is it wrong that I kind of want to move right now ;-)

Jayme and Mendi said...

Fellow Virginia girls here who are LOVING your blog! ;) We live in Richmond, but are both country girls at heart. We're "following" you now & we'd love for you to visit our blog sometime too! Drop us a comment & "follow" back if you'd like!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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