16 July 2011

Krysten at After I Do first suggested this book in one of her book reviews. So thanks to Krysten!

Cassia lives in a world where choices are made for the betterment of society. Your job is assigned to you, you are Matched with another person who will be the perfect spouse for you, and the society controls much of what you do and eat. 

Our main character must decide whether she wants to live the life that the society has set out for her or if she should follow her heart. 

Honestly, after The Hunger Games series this book left me a little disappointed. It was a fine read but I felt it was much lighter than the Hunger Games and the heroine wasn't as strong as Katniss. Yet, the idea was still good to push you to think about the freedom you experience and to instill the love of liberty over a controlling government. 

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