Reasons to Smile

22 July 2011

I want a dog just to have it be our ring bearer (Noah would never agree)!

Reasons to Smile today:
- bagels with honey & walnut cream cheese
- lots of candles
- game nights and visiting friends
- will see my sister this weekend
- less than a week until I'm at a beach!
- almost done with summer classes
- great week with kids at tech camp

What are your reasons to smile today? Happy Friday!


kimbirdy said...

haha, we had a dog at our wedding. she's my stepmom's hearing dog. we didn't use her in our wedding, but i made a cute bow for her to wear. maybe you can borrow a friend's dog? :) i'm excited i only have to work a short time today, then am heading to a wrap party in hollywood, and sleeping in as late as my heart desires tomorrow. aaahhh... :)

MrsKinne said...

My biggest reason to smile is that we have an air conditioner in our bedroom. I might be crying if we didn't!

Café Chick said...

We are more than a little concerned that my partner's sister and her fiance will have their dog as a ring bearer at their wedding. The dog is a partially trained boxer who is less than attractive - and they love her! Beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder. ;-)

Erika Lee Sears said...

reasons to smile today- I'm enjoying the gorgeous sunshine :)

Laughter Sparks the Soul said...

I would love it if you had a dog at your wedding:) We should definitly work on changing Noah's mind! haha! My reasons to smile today...watching Harry Potter #5 with my cup of tea while blogging, making my monster cookies today, and getting to spend time with Ryan:) Miss you!

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