Saturday Musings

02 July 2011

I've been a busy gal for a day or so now but in the most idealic way. I've been working on some DIY crafting, cooking up some great food, and enjoying new books. Noah and I also hit up the gym yesterday which was empty (that never happens!) but now it's closed for the weekend. Of course, the gym closes right when I'm about to eat a load of junk food. :)

Remember those 4th of July creations from yesterday? I made the firework rockets! They're pretty cute and easy to make. The most time consuming part was easily the streamers at the bottom because I cut out red, white, and blue stripes from a multicolored napkin. All the materials were already at the apartment though!

For dinner yesterday I whipped up a homemade alfredo sauce using this recipe and we were really enjoying it. In fact, it'll be lunch today too.

This morning we stopped at the farmers market downtown and picked up some local squash. Hopefully we'll get a grill down here tomorrow and we can do some veggie packets and the like. :)

Plus, I'm currently reading Mao's Last Dancer. It was suggested by my future mother-in-law and after falling one book behind for the month of June (based on my 101 list) I need to catch up! If you have any book suggestions I'd love to hear them. I may begin doing book reviews soon too. My "Good Reads" page is getting a bit crowded so I might do a post then just link to it.


Speaking of books, you may know that I love Harry Potter. I have tickets with some of my friends to go to the last midnight premier ever. It's kind of heart breaking. I owe my love of reading to JK Rowling the way so many do in my generation. I discovered a website yesterday called Dear Mr. Potter which consists of letters written from people all over the world to "Mr. Potter" about the impact the series has had on their lives. I thought it was a very inspiring idea. 

Tomorrow I'm talking with the fiance and future mother-in-law about wedding plans! We really need to get on the decisions about location and date!

Have a great weekend. Enjoy some holiday time if you're in the USA!


bethany said...

You, know, I've always been intrigued by Harry Potter, but have never actually sat and watched the whole series. I love the idea of it, and hope the final film will not disappoint!

And, I seriously think date and location are the toughest! But you'll figure it out...and your day will be AMAZING! Have you done any dress browsing yet?

Linda said...

I have to confess that on Monday we sat outside Durham Cathedral, where is the location for the cloisters of Hogwarts, and didn'go and have a look! Our excuse? The sun was shining, and we just needed to sit and eat lunch in the middle of a busy open day at the university.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I haven't got enough words to describe my love for Harry Potter. There's a new theatre opening in my neighbourhood ON July 15th and I am desperate to get tickets to the midnight showing! Thanks for sharing about Dr Mr Potter. I've been reading through all the letters for the last half hour or so. What a wonderful idea...

Happy Fourth of July weekend, Alli!

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