Tech Savvy Teachers

21 July 2011

Here's a fun little fact about me: I love technology. I think that we could utilize technology to make the world a much smaller place. For instance, we use blogs to meet people around the world and learn about their lives. Facebook helps us keep up with friends that don't live near us any more and Twitter allows us to follow professional sites related to our fields (I get all my world, education, and science news from Twitter). 

So, as a teacher I want to incorporate technology into my classroom. In May I took a technology in education course that I found useful because I learned a few new skills but my favorite part of the course was our final project. We had to pick a topic to research that was related to technology and we needed to present it to our professor. I ended up using a website format (because I could include links that way) to show applications for ipods or ipads that could be used in a classroom. I'm still updating it when I find new apps and online resources. 

I'll be doing a practicum in the fall and student teaching next spring so I want to have all the possible resources at my fingertips when I get into a classroom!

What do you think would be useful in a classroom (podcasts, websites, blogs, apps)? If you have kids, what types of technology do they like?


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

i think you can use so many things for classroom education- if there are any educational blogs out there with good factual knowledge?
technology is amazing xxx

Sarah Nicole said...

I think it depends on the age of your students, and the access to technology that you have. I think younger students prefer more interactive lessons with a SMART Board technology as well as games. I think technology can be used in the classroom and that students really need to know how to use it.

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