Beach Camp

15 August 2011

I'm safely back home and happy once again after a great week at the beach. I've been on a spiritual kick since reading Love Wins almost two weeks ago. This week was what I needed for myself and for a part of me that I've been ignoring for too long now.

Every day had a morning worship service and a closing evening vespers. Both include songs and a mini-sermon (and sometimes not quite so "mini"). Our focus this week was on doubt which, clearly, hit home for me and I was a part of a few discussions that shed some light on others in my church. Sometimes it's easy to think that we're the only ones who have doubt; it seems like we're often discouraged from expressing those feelings. Yet, this week we opened up discussions to them and it helped to remind me that I'm grateful my church is open to thoughts and accepting of those who express them.

This week I'll be doing some posts about the camp, more for myself than anything, so that I can remember what weeks like this are like for me.

Here's one of the new songs that I learned this week for voice, saxophone, guitar, band, etc. It will be a fun reminder for me when I come back to these posts in future years. My favorite song, Shabach, I'll link on the post that I cover Camp Music in.


Ashley said...

I'm glad you had such a good time and learned a lot! Things like that can be so great to "recharge" you and help you work through issues because you just get to focus on your relationship with God for one week without distraction.

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

so pleased you had a wonderful time xxx

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