Book Review: Love Wins

25 August 2011

My sister read this book and suggested it to me. My sister is very similar to me I believe in our spirituality and religious beliefs. So, the title on it's own, LOVE WINS, caught my attention. 

I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again, I have questioned where I have come from, where I am now, and what I am heading towards. After 'leaving' the church I grew up in (meaning I still attend but do not necessarily agree with all the doctrines) I have felt lost. Yet I doubt that I will ever reach a point in my life when I think that people do not have a spiritual aspect.

That's where this book comes in. What does religion mean? What does faith in Jesus Christ mean? What is the most important aspect of Christianity? The book has incited a lot of controversy but it's supposed to help bring people in who have uncertainties, people who want to have fellowship and community, but can't commit to certain parts of the faith. 

I've been attending discussions on this book for the past four weeks. It's been a wonderful experience. We talked about heaven, hell, and whether God gets what God wants. It's an interesting read and I've already read it through twice in the last month. If you're questioning some of your beliefs (from a Christian standpoint) I'd recommend this book to you.

Have you read this book? Any others that you would suggest?


bethany said...

This looks like a really, really wonderful read. I, too, left the church I grew up in, because I didn't agree with a lot of the doctrine. Most of the time I just feel burnt out on religion, because I spent the first 22 years of my life having it fed to me...only to discover that I didn't agree with a fair amount of it. It's so easy to feel lost after that! Often "religion" (in the organized sense) just brings back bad feelings for me and makes me feel spiritually exhuasted.

But, I'm with you--I think everyone has spiritual portion to their character, and tending to it is what makes up a whole, healthy individual. It's been an ongoing theme in my mind as I get ready to get married...perhaps I'll have to pick this up and see where it takes me. :)

Belly B said...

Sounds interesting! I might give it a shot! thanks for the recommendation

Belly B :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

this looks like a good read! I might have to pick it up. thanks for sharing :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Thanks for this, Alli. I'd like to read it.

Have you read They Love Jesus but not the Church? I've heard good things. Would like to read it, and soon.

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