Camp Music

16 August 2011

My favorite part of camp is playing during the Worship Services in the morning and evening. There's something so refreshing to me about playing my saxophone with the Praise Band. Bill, the older guitar player, is like a second father to me and when I first started playing with the Praise Band in about ninth grade there were some Sundays where it was just him on guitar and me on saxophone. Those were some crazy days in our church. He is always looking for me to come home on the weekends and play with him again although now our entire praise band is different from when we started, but it's good. I'm glad to have new people (especially our younger generation) involved. 

Plus our music directors at camp, Brenda and Judy, move me every time I listen to them or play with them. They bring a whole new feel to the music with their talents. I feel so privileged to know them and play with them. They've led my spiritual journey for years through their talk and spirit. Now they'll have an impact on my life in a different way because Noah and I plan to ask Brenda to wed us next summer.

(and you can click here to hear the song Shabach)

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vintch said...

praise music is so, so beautiful and to see all you guys singing to the Lord is a sweet, sweet sight. i'll never forget my youth group praise music. i still remember all the words and those little melodies were the building blocks of my faith.

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