DIY T-Shirt Bag

30 August 2011

We all have t-shirts lying around right? Can I hedge a bet that some of yours don't fit any more (or perhaps never did)? Well, here's a fairly easy craft you can do to use that t-shirt for a better purpose - although be willing to spend up to an hour using duct tape.

My sister showed me how to make a duct tape bag before we went to the beach together. The steps are easy, it just takes a while to do all the duct-taping. 

What you need:
  • t-shirt 
  • stapler
  • duct tape (if you have fun colors use them)
  • scissors

1. Of course, you start with a t-shirt. Then you cut the sleeves off. I somehow neglected to take a photo at the very beginning but the only step taken before this photo was cutting the sleeves.

2. Fold shirt inside out. Duct-tape like crazy. Start at the top of the shirt - cover all of it - and pull the tape down just past the bottom hem. There is never too much duct tape! Do both sides of the shirt. Yes, it takes a while. 

3. Cut off the excess tape right above the hem (so you'll be cutting some of the t-shirt off and tape). Cut out below the collar and also any excess around the sleeve holes. 

4. Now staple the bottom of the bag closed. Keep the staples pretty close together.

5. Put a piece of duct tape over the bottom of the bag and fold up on either side to cover the staples. 

6. The first picture shows the bag with short handles if you want to keep it that way (totally fine!). The second picture has taken the sleeves that were cut off in Step 1 to make longer bag handles to work as a satchel.

7 (optional). If you want to make the long handles, take your sleeves and make one cut across the tunnel so that you have a long strip of fabric. Staple one end of a sleeve to one shoulder area of the t-shirt and staple the other end of the sleeve to the other shoulder area on the same side of the t-shirt. This way, if your t-shirt has a pattern it will still be facing outwards (like the above Earth Science image). After stapling sleeve to shoulder area use duct tape to cover the staples like you did in Step 5. 


If you use a colorful t-shirt or bright duct tape (like my sister did with her American U t-shirt) then this turns out to look quite sassy with a color pop. It's a great way to use an old t-shirt that doesn't quite cut it as a top any more. Plus, it is sturdy. Mine can even hold my laptop and a binder or so. Very handy. 

Have you been trying any DIY projects lately?

*Excuse the mess in the photos, they were taken in my dad's basement when my sister was moving all her stuff from one college apartment to another.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Wow so creative!! I'm impressed. Duct tape is awesome so many uses and who would hbe thought you could make a purse using it!

kimbirdy said...

haha, that's awesome! i love recycling things and all things DIY. this reminds me of my college days - we would make all sorts of things out of duct tape {books, flip flops, clothes, etc.}. such good times! i'm going to be sharing a DIY post this week too. great minds think alike. :)

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

wow! seriously what can't duct tape do?

Mary ♥ Mur said...

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Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

this is brilliant. love the new look blog xx

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