Laughter for the Soul

29 August 2011

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Here are some links to sites that make me laugh or smile. Hope they brighten your day a bit too!

LOL Cats always does Noah in. Something about cats makes him laugh every time.

I also saw this Switcheroo for the first time yesterday. Boyfriends & Girlfriends swap clothes and you get some funny results.

America's Funniest Home Videos.  I'm a fan of dorky little videos that They also have an app that you can check out for your iphone/ipod.

PostSecret. Have you heard of PostSecret? It's kind of a big deal. It's a way to share secrets anonymously with other people. Perhaps letting go and sharing one of your secrets with the world will make you feel better about it. Give it a shot!

My Life is Average is a listing of status-like updates stating why someone's life is average and, sometimes, awesome. 

And, of course, I must end with a little video about pugs. 

What makes you laugh? Pugs always get me with their funny, scrunched up faces. Do you have a certain friend that gets you every time? Lately I've been laughing a lot and I believe the phrase "laughter is the best medicine". Something about laughing makes your day seem brighter. Have you ever heard of laughter yoga? It's strange to watch people practice it but I would enjoy taking a class in that type of yoga! Hope you have a fun, smile-and-laugh-filled Monday!

(In honor of starting graduate school, here's a post from The Shine Project about slowing down and simplifying life. Yes, it's ok to relax!)


Lillian (Unstitched.) said...

Hehe, pugs ALWAYS make me smile too - I just love their scrunched up faces! I have a friend who breeds pugs, and the baby pugs are just the cutest :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I think I'd be way too self-conscious to take laughter yoga! But I'm going to check out these sites you've recommended now. Damn You, Auto Correct has me in tears lately. Sometimes it is just SO funny!

Erika Lee Sears said...

pugs are always a wonderful source of inspiration :) I have two!

Ashley said...

I had only heard of Post Secret, but when you mentioned it I realized I haven't been there in forever! Sometimes the secrets depress me though. Things that make me happy are long, uninterrupted showers and a clean house - both are hard to come by these days. lol

kimbirdy said...

look at your beautiful new blog layout!! i love it. did you do it yourself or have someone do it? it's really great.

Bibi said...

I'm a huge AFV fan! Thanks for sharing, they made me laugh. Love the pugs,too! :)

Kelly said...

I just smiled so big at that pug video. Thank you!

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