Reasons to Smile

27 August 2011

Graduate School Edition

I have revamped the blog a little bit and hope to focus my blog in a new direction. My plan is to get more DIY projects in, list my reasons to smile more often, and to make more reasons to smile.

This blog has been wonderful for me as a personal outlet during just over half of my undergraduate career and I hope to continue the process during grad school. I am always amazed at how blogging has allowed me to meet people across the United States and all over the world. It's incredible. Glad I can continue on this journey, life, with you.

Reasons to Smile:
  • This past week was amazing.
  • One of my best friends brought me a scarf from Turkey, a bracelet from Florence, and rocks from Mt. Etna. How cool is that?
  • New blog design: a gift from Noah
  • Using my ipod for quick, easy photos
  • Grad school starts Monday!
  • Sunny days
  • I'm a redhead once again
  • Rediscovered the joy of making jewelry
  • Meeting with three friends today!


Morgan said...

i recently went red.
love it :)

Jenn W said...

love your new blog design...and that picture of wilson! so pretty :)

good luck with your classes this semester !!

jaroskippy said...

The new layout is very pretty! Hope your first day is going well. :)

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