Reasons to Smile

31 August 2011

{Warning: Science Geek}

Reasons to Smile:
  • Working out for three days straight at the gym (accomplishment)
  • Having less classes that senior year of college
  • Seeing so many friends!
  • Actually having time to get homework done
  • Coffee. 'nuf said
  • Dreaming I went to California to see Kim
  • Successfully inflating a balloon inside a flask (see above)
  • Technology
On that last one, technology, I am heavily doting right now. Computers as a typing resource (probably about ten times as fast as writing), copiers to make duplicates of textbook pages, and my Kindle to read 80 page articles on instead of on a computer's lit background. YES. 

Hope your week is going well!


AbbieBabble said...

YES to balloon-flask success! And also gym-ing, technology, and your whole list- I love all of these reasons!

Torie said...

Dude! That balloon thing is awesome! And yay for the gym thing!! I'm dreading my birthday a little, because I have to jump on board with you ;) Coincidentally, my word verification sounds like "Laziness" if I say it out loud. Have a lovely day!

Ashley said...

Good job on going to the gym 3 days straight! I need to channel your motivation after I've had Elijah!

kimbirdy said...

that would be so awesome if you came to visit!! i would take you around to all my favorite spots. have you ever been to CA? i've lived in a lot of places, but CA is by far my favorite.

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