26 August 2011

{beautiful sunsets are one of my reasons to smile}

With graduate school about to I'm going in with a very positive mindset. As a worrier, this is hard for me with practicum and student teaching coming up this year but I know I can do this! Finding reasons to smile in my life (or making them!) will be more important than ever so I thought I'd revamp that part of my life too, here, at Reasons to Smile. I'll probably be moving some stuff around this weekend.

Speaking of, here is my list of Reasons to Smile for this week:
  • Lots of meetups with friends
  • Sitting on the Quad and enjoying quality Big & Little time
  • Talking about Love Wins
  • Watching freshmen move in (experiencing nostalgia)
  • School starts in a matter of days

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Good luck in grad school as it starts!!!

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