Sunday 101

14 August 2011

More work on my 101 in 1001 goals! Going over the list there are a couple I want to give a try this week while I have some time off before school (anyone have hints about making macarons?).

9. Read two books a month. August is complete! Love all the book time I'm getting. I'll do some posts soon about the books I've been reading.

12. Write at least 5 letters to Make a Child Smile. Letter 2 is sent!

85. See my sister at least once a month. Check! This time it was the beach.

89. Build at least two outfits from a thrift store shopping spree. On the works. I went to a thrift store on our free day this past week (more about that to come) and I'm thinking I may make a new goal for the year.

97. Visit Bethany Beach, DE. I'm so glad I can check this one off the list!

What are your goals? Do you share any of mine? 


Morgan said...

what exactly is Make a Child Smile?
I love writing letters!

Bibi said...

Which books did you read. I like the idea of that :)
Great Pictures!

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