Thrifting (at the beach)

17 August 2011

During Family Camp, Wednesday is always a free day for the campers. It gives people a chance to go out and explore the local areas (such as Cape May, Assateague, via jet skis, ferries, etc.). This year I went with my second family to a couple of local thrift stores. Most were ordinary where you go in and there are racks of clothes and you pick a couple for two or three dollars each. However, one was the most unique shop I think I've ever been in.

It wasn't just clothes, but rather a collection of items: some new, some vintage.  There was a whole alcove of vinyl records, shelves of lighthouse-themed items. Baskets hung overhead throughout the entirety of the store. It was the strangest mix of items I've seen. I'm thinking about only buying items from thrift stores for a few months. I have no income right now and am actually shoveling out money towards food, gas, and wedding venues. I need to buy clothes for student teaching so any regular day clothing items that I can pick up at a thrift store I should. Plus there are so many great items for amazing prices. 

Have you picked up any great thrift store pieces? 


Erin {pughs' news} said...

I haven't been thrifting in ages. Need to do something about that!

kimbirdy said...

i love thrift stores, but they're so trendy now that in the big cities everything is either super expensive {more than places like H&M} or things get snatched up in an instant. you really have to go on a daily basis if you're to find great stuff on the cheap here. but i say, wherever you find things you like for the right price, enjoy it! i am all about saving the pennies. :) that's the sort of place that sounds perfect for collecting wedding decorations too {jars, lace, statement pieces}. great find!

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