In the Kitchen

06 September 2011

This week is all going to be health, exercise, and food related posts that help push me forward in my goal to be more health conscious. Thanks for all of your positive responses yesterday! I'm very excited to see the posts that you link up on Friday. 

Today I'm listing out some healthy recipes that I'm hoping to make this week. Do you have any favorites?

Recently I made this Vegetarian Slow Cook Chili and it was quite good. It was nice to get in a good dose of protein as a vegetarian and I definitely recommend it! 

And these are recipes I'm aiming to do throughout the week. I'll be buying ingredients tomorrow to do them. If you're with me on Pinterest you may have seen some of these yesterday evening as I was browsing. 

My overall goal beyond specific recipes this week is to get a fruit or vegetable in at each meal. I'm hoping to move up to a fruit and vegetable each at every meal but I'm slowly working towards an all around healthier me! 

Hope your week is off to a good start.


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

yum that looks delicious xo

Amanda said...

thank you for finding all of these recipes and for posting them! i am not a strict vegetarian, but i do like to put all-vegetarian meals into the mix every once and a while.

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