HP Late Night Breakfast

15 October 2011

A few nights ago I met up with a couple of friends for a game night in which we played Spot It and Bananagrams. It's always fun to see people react to speed games and reflexes because some people are focused and some are a bouncing, nervous wreck. Hah! 

Then we went to a Harry Potter themed Late Night Breakfast. Our university hosts them and they go from 10pm until around midnight. We had a great time eating themed foods, coloring HP pictures, and running around on a bouncy castle. 

Have an excellent weekend!


Linda said...

That looks great fun. I think there are Harry Potter events at universities here too.
I got some good photos of J K Rowling recently - check them out here:


Mercedes said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! Between Harry Potter Late Night Breakfast and game night- you can;t go wrong. My friends and family have game night once a month. We play anything from board to card games, my husband even invested in a Spinning Wheel. We fill the sections in with trivia questions and then we all answer them for small prizes. Game night is always a good time!

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