Save the Dates

27 October 2011

Ok, so Noah and I are ever so slowly making headway on our wedding plans. Today I got the nicest surprise! Checking back on Perfect Palette's blog I checked to see the winner (announced yesterday) of their Save the Date giveaway. Noah and I won! When I first checked I thought it must surely be a different Alli but we got a confirmation email today. We were going to order them last week but I told Noah to hold off on the off chance that we won. I love when things just work out this way. 


kimbirdy said...

wow congratulations!! that's so awesome you won something so useful.

Haley K said...

Alli it's been way too long since I've stopped by your fabulous place in blogland :) CONGRATS to you and your sweetheart!!! Are you using that photo in the Save The Date?? (it's LOVELY:)

and i loved catching up on your happenings lately...yay for HP, fall favorites, starting to knit, and of course this exciting post! Hope the rest of wedding planning is going great. hugs to you!


Bibi said...

Awesome! Congrats darling :)

And I totally second Haley K, that pictures is lovely!!

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