Aspirations 101

27 November 2011

{Thanksgiving Day}

1. Take one photo every day for a month. Hmm... I've been coming pretty close to this one for a while now without even meaning too. I have two ideas in mind here. Either I'll try to make December my goal month or I may try to take up Project 365.

9. Read two books a month. I have fallen drastically behind on this goal but with Thanksgiving Break I am slowly working my way back to catching up. Hopefully over winter break I'll be getting ahead once again.

15. Be awesome at making at least one baked goodie. Perhaps for the first time ever I decided to make chocolate chip cookies without any plans and without going to the store picking out each ingredient. I can't tell you why exactly but I was excited beyond belief to realize I had every ingredient I needed here to bake some cookies from scratch.

17. Learn how to use photoshop. This goals was hampered when my copy of photoshop was lost a year ago but I have a Mac now anyways and am on a trial download of Photoshop Elements 10. ALSO, for those of you interested in Elements, if you go to the Adobe website you'll see that it's only $50 from now until November 29!

69. Cook at least two meals a week. Check!

85. See my sister at least once a month. Well, while there were some interim months I did see my sister twice this past week and in two different cities at that!

We're almost to December which means people will begin to think about New Years Resolutions soon. I have been very happy with how well 101 has been working out for me. Lots of goals (some small and some rather large) have allowed me to think about things that I really want to accomplish and I can go back and view this list every day. Since it's not one continuous goal for the year I never have felt like a failure but rather that I am taking steps towards bettering myself and making some accomplishments I'm proud of! 

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