My Idol, My Aunt

30 November 2011

I think my aunt is one of the kindest, most compassionate women to grace this Earth and I am so lucky to have her in my family. As I go through life, getting my own place, have kids, and work with Noah's and my own family I want to imitate my aunt's ability to be a great hostess and always lend a listening ear.  

Whenever you walk into her house she is offering you some southern sweet tea, lemonade, water, soda, or any drink you can think of (and any attempts to help prepare food or drinks is firmly denied in her household). There is an ever abundant supply of food and the house is truly a home. I've come to realize that having a home seems to be an impressive feat any more. Now she has grandkids and is a kind grandmother yet stern enough to teach lessons when it's needed. 

Who is your idol?

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Torie said...

Picking an idol is difficult, but my Grandma is right up there. Now, there are some things we disagree on, being two generations apart, but she has always supported me in what I feel is truly right for my heart, and she is such a strong, fun, compassionate, and kick-ass (if I'm being totally honest here) woman. But there are a lot of people in my life who have a big influence on me. Thanks for sharing your idol, your aunt seems awesome.

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