Wedding Dress Shopping

25 November 2011

I went out in Richmond with two of my bridesmaids and we shopped around for a wedding dress. I really had a great time looking around with my sister and one of my friends, Meredith. Luckily, as a native gal from Richmond, Meredith could take us around in her car.

Lets be honest about the whole experience here.

Shopping for a wedding dress is unnerving. Until you are engaged you don't ever go shopping for a wedding dress so no matter what that first time is going to be a little strange. It felt like I wasn't supposed to be wearing one and I was worried that they wouldn't take me seriously. Luckily, once I started trying them on that feeling went away.

My gals and I picked out about six or so to try and then waited for a bit to have a consult go with us to the dressing rooms. On another side note, as the first of my friends to be getting married, I did not know that you often do appointments for these deals. Luckily, we went on a Monday and it wasn't an issue but the lesson was learned! Hah.

Anyways, I tried on two that I liked a lot but there were one or two little things that I would like to change or combine between them and about three that I wasn't sold on. One was so heavy that I was literally feeling it weighing me down. I swear it added my entire body weight again on top of me! Heck no for an outdoor wedding in July! Things like this make me wish for a fall wedding but the teacher in me says "no! take advantage of summer break!".

As we worked through the dresses Kelsey and Meredith had the appropriate responses and then as we were talking through the pros and cons of each dress the consultant told us to wait because she had a dress for me to try on.

I was worried.

I hate when someone thinks they have me pegged and then don't and I end up letting them down. Never fear though, this woman went to the racks and picked out this dress like she knew me. I would describe it but I don't want Noah to ever visit this page and see it so you can see a similar image here. (Thanks to Kelsey & no peeking Noah!).

I loved this dress. It was the right material, the right cut/style, and it felt great.

How did you find your wedding dress? Did you know when you first tried it on?

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Linda said...

I sympathise, even from a distance of 26 years this summer from my own wedding. I got married when the Princess Diana effect was still being felt - lots of huge wedding dresses like meringues. I began to despair. Eventually I found THE dress in a quirky shop, Droopy & Brown's in Edinburgh's Grassmarket. Even better, it was in the sale!!! And totally un-meringue-like, very slim, with a little peplum. By huge coincidence, I ran into my cousin from Glasgow in the shop, and before I could stop her she went off to fetch my fiance from a nearby shop where he'd been waiting for me. So he saw the dress, but since we're still happily together 26 years later I don't think it will matter if Noah has a little peek.

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