Decorations of Red

14 December 2011

The #starbucks barista threw a smile my way when I placed an order for Alli and Noah.
{the barista smiled when I placed an order for Noah and Alli}

People are slowly trickling away from the university now that Wednesday has arrived. Noah and I are both done with this semester which we're grateful for yet it means that we're just that much closer to an even bigger hurdle.

We are now making plans to make some bon bon balls (a Lizer family tradition), watch some movies with friends, and bake some fresh gingerbread. Plans to travel are being made and remade with family and friends for the holiday season. When we arrive in our hometown we'll be helping to decorate trees and put up a few last minute Christmas lights too.

As much as I love this holiday season I can't help but be a little anxious for this time next year when Noah and I will have our first Christmas as a married couple and when we can start creating our own traditions to follow in our family footsteps.

What are your favorite traditions? How did having a significant other change your holiday experience? We've managed pretty well the last couple of years but I bet things will be changing next year!


Haley K said...

mmmmm...I want to grab some starbucks hot cocoas with my sweetheart now! :) And i loved reading about your upcoming festive evening of baking and plans to visit loved ones for the holidays. i love this time of year!

and Alli you are right, things will be different after marriage with various holidays and traditions...but it'll be awesome! :) Adam & I have loved combining our different family's traditions and creating new ones of our own...there have been some disagreements and making sure we visit my family who lives out of state and still seeing Adam's family who lives 15 minutes away isn't always easy...but it's all worth it and wonderful. The best part is YOU TWO will be ONE FAMILY and that's what really matters :)

Hope you have the sweetest of holidays girl!

Morgan said...

i love gingerbread.
i think it'll be so fun to make traditions as a married couple!

Kendra said...

I love being married and having traditions of our own! There are ALOT that we've carried over from each of our families, but we never seem to have trouble adapting them to our circumstances or tweek them to our liking. Maybe I just have an easy going husband who lets me run the show but it's fun!

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