Reasons to Smile

08 December 2011

Hello! It's about that time of year when finals are bogging people down and college students are living in the library or at a local coffee shop. Just Monday I had about five cups of coffee which is so unlike me! So, I thought it's time to come back to the heart of this blog and remind myself of my Reasons to Smile:

  • Ugly Sweater Party tomorrow!!
  • I have a good cup of coffee beside me
  • The majority of my finals are over or are dwindling down
  • It's warm enough outside to walk without bundling up like a pug in the snow (oh, yes, I had to throw those funny little pugs in somewhere)
  • My presentations went well
  • Mexican food may be in my future (does anyone else having serious cravings for Mexican food sometimes?)
  • I've got Christmas cards ready to go! If only I was better about getting to the post office
AND... If you're new here and would email me you address at allisonmseward {at} gmail {dot} com I'd love send you one too!

1 comment:

rebecca said...

I used to do ugly sweater parties in college. some things never change.... haha.

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