Reasons to Smile

23 December 2011

We're officially at home and enjoying time with Noah's family. They have some lights up around the front of the house and a few trees inside the home which Noah, Nic, and I helped decorate with their dad. We have a packed couple of days in Winchester before we head back to prepare for student teaching.

Things I'm looking forward to (or... my reasons to smile):

  • Trying cupcakes today 
  • Christmas Eve at my grandparents
  • Eating cookies and cherry squares
  • Christmas services
  • Seeing my family (especially my aunt and uncle)
  • Visiting with Noah's family
  • New Years Eve, first night
Lots to do this time of year while simultaneously doing nothing. This will be my last year of graduate school and before the "real world". I hope to enjoy it by planning a wedding and looking for jobs to apply to (in the States and abroad). 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and means that posts will be very sporadic over the next week. If I'm not online, I hope you have a wonderful holiday with lots of family, friends, and cookies (because cookies are the most important part don't you know?).


Bibi said...

You have a great eye for pictures, Alli!

May you and your family have a blessed and Merry Christmas. :)

Autumn said...

It probably feels so good to almost be out of grad school!

I have until next December :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Merry Christmas to you, my dear! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Erin xo

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