The Swing of Things

18 December 2011

{How cute are they??}

I love finding $7 shirts at Target along with a clean, fresh smelling candle for $5. We're coming down to the wire here and I love shopping for gifts (and of course, the occasional gift for myself). After shopping I'll come home and eat some scones (love them!) and have some tea. While at home, with no finals to prepare for, I have taken up one of my absolute favorite past times again: reading! I am finishing up book four of the Game of Thrones series currently and then I will start in on One Day shortly thereafter. This semester I've fallen behind on all three of the hobbies I get the most joy from: blogging, reading, and taking photos. Time has gotten away from me!

Since I'm hoping to read at least a book a week over break, what are your suggestions? Any must reads this holiday season?


Ocean Dreams said...

Target is amazing, I always find the greatest deals there!! :) I've been reading Jodi Picoult books if you are in the mood for deep thinking or if you haven't read The Hunger Games that is such a good trilogy to read! Happy reading and enjoy your Christmas!

Linda said...

I have just read my daughter's copy of One Day! I started out thinking I wasn't going to enjoy it and then ended up reading it all in one mammoth session. Just now I'm reading Scottish novels - re-reading the famous 'Sunset Song'.

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