Trans-Siberian Orchestra

02 December 2011

This week we went to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. We had a blast! The first half of the concert consisted of their Christmas songs and had a narrator telling a story throughout. Then the second half mixed songs from a couple of their albums. Beyond the music, the concert was practically a light show for the audience. We had a great time in Richmond for the afternoon and evening before heading back home.

I am a firm believer in paying for experiences instead of material goods because I think you can take them with you throughout your life and relate future experiences back to them. The only problem we have as graduate students is that we can't really afford either too often. I'm not saying this concert was life-changing (like, say, a trip to Europe) but it was something I'll take with me for a long time I'm sure.

Let me ask you, what experiences in life are you grateful for? What opportunities did you take? Which ones do you wish you would have taken? 


Autumn said...

I love the trans-siberian orchestra- I have seen them twice and I always get so excited :)

We decided to sponsor a kid this year. We feel like even though we don't have much, we have everything we need. On the material of material things, I wouldn't mind a new camera lens.

Isabel said...

That looks amazing and the photos are awesome! I agree that experiences are better than material goods — they're likely shared and something to bond over.

As for experiences, studying abroad was the most incredible one I've had.

Been browsing your blog and loving it. When the academic stuff settles down, I would love to contribute to your "World in a Post" project. :)

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