What I'm Loving

12 December 2011

I was in Barnes & Noble a few days ago and came across these Library Candles which smell heavenly and are centered around classic authors (such as Walt Whitman & Jane Austen). I swooned right there in the middle of the store! 

These Robin Egg Soaps are absolutely precious. I would love to have these mottled soaps on my bathroom counter for guests to use. 

This recipe for gingerbread is heavenly. I swear these cookies get better every single day. Throw on a little vanilla icing and your party guests will be enamored with you and your baking skills. 


I never post about make-up which makes this statement remarkable.... I've had this foundation for less than a week and I'm already in love. It feels great when you put it on: cool, light, and airy. The classic ivory tone blends perfectly with my skin color and it feels natural all day long.

Plus I love that my finals are done and I have a few free weeks before diving into student teaching. Hard to believe where time has gone but I'm definitely looking forward to it. Check back soon for a Christmas giveaway to spread the Christmas cheer! 


Morgan said...

i love gingerbread.
seriously, it's my favorite part of the holidays

Bibi said...

I have to check out the Jane Austen smell, she's by far one of my favorite authors! :)

I never have much luck with foundations... I opt to use just a tinted moisturizer and powder. but it's great you found one that works for you :)

Autumn said...

I will have to try out that foundation. My skin tone is changing a little bit? The stuff I used to wear is too light for me now which is bizarre...probably a makeup aging thing.

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