Rainy Days

31 March 2011

Today was another library day for me but that's good. When I get an over-achiever-award pile of work done in the day I feel pretty good about relaxing at night.  

It's been downright rainy and cold here and I'm no fan! We were teased with a bit of summer and now I have to wait until next week for the 60s. Ah well. The photo above is what it looks like when it isn't raining. Plus, I have a thing for guys playing guitars and singing. Isn't there something dreamy about a guy singing to you? Ironically, out of the ~15 instruments Noah has learned as a music major guitar is not one of them, however I doubt he would sing if he could play anyways. 

Tomorrow a friend from high school and his girlfriend are coming to stay. They're in a music fraternity and their conference is at our university. It'll be nice to see them again. I feel like I've lost a few friends this year due to lack of time (and on some of their parts lack of effort). It always makes me sad to feel like I've lost some friends although I know it happens. On the bright side, I've gotten very close with a few friends and have made a few new girlfriends. Silver and Gold? I think so. 

So, to end Thursday night, I'm eating Air Heads and drinking a slushee from the 7-11 that's a minute walk from our apartment. Yes, I'm a glutton and I'm loving it right now! 

Have a fantastic Friday all!


Having Fun Isn't Hard When You've Got a Library Card

30 March 2011

Or is it?  .....  Sorry for a missing Tuesday post, but I was in the library all day.

No! That's not what I was doing in the library, I was working.  Really. I'm actually quite proud of the amount of time yesterday that was devoted to working on projects. Over ten hours, count them TEN hours. I'm officially on page TEN of my twenty page paper and my partner and I have made good progress on our project.

This is a much more realistic view of what I was doing in the library.

{you can see my black tea making its attempts to keep me alive}

At the end of the day I rewarded myself, or rather Noah did, by taking us out to Mexican food for dinner. So delicious.

Surprisingly, I kept motivated right on from 7:30 yesterday until 6pm at night. However, as soon as I left the library I hit a wall and knew that more work was probably an impossibility later that night.  I was right, but that's ok!

Today I may see a girl from my hometown who's a junior in high school and get to show her around campus (her class is here on a half day trip). This afternoon I'm planning to grab coffee with my Little and spend another couple of hours at the library. 

Are you ready? This week is going to be insane!

Have a great middle-of-the-week. See you on the other side - of this mound of homework.  Adios for Wednesday morning!

Hello Monday!

28 March 2011

This weekend was an excellent mix of work and play! After volunteering at the SPCA on Saturday I was also able to meet up with Circle K friends and my Littles to play games. Sunday was mostly devoted to work and I'll tell you, I started knocking projects out of the park! That is certainly an amazing feeling. 

Today I stumbled across the blog My Teacups in Peony and I feel like Nicole could be a long lost sister. I love discovering new blogs to read! At that, this blog is almost to sixty followers and I think when we get there I'll do a giveaway. I saw something at the farm market that I thought would be cute as part of a giveaway. Be excited.

Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday I have coffee dates set up with some special ladies and I love this. Being busy certainly makes you appreciate your friends more and I feel like I'll be missing my girls even more this summer than ever before. The possibility of a road trip is looming in my mind. 

After being a girl who only hangs out with guys (for years) I can better appreciate the ups of both genders. It's nice to have several people to talk to for different points of views. Who do you prefer to talk to about issues? Gals or guys? 

On a side note, sorry for the mini-absence from the blogosphere for a couple of days. I hope you all had lovely weekends and I can't wait to catch up with you. Enjoy your Monday and may there be plenty of reasons to smile throughout the coming week!

PS - Lately I've been dreaming of taking a road trip to Charleston, SC. Olivia isn't helping this ache.

Weekend Friends

26 March 2011


Today has had a great start and is looking to have a fantastic end! I love weekends. Today Noah & I visited the farm market and found some spinach and sweet potatoes to take home. Then I picked up some CKI members and headed to the SPCA to see some animals. The girls I brought with me were each there for the first time since they had their training so I went with them for their first dogs (that was an adventure!). 

Of course, I fell in love with an animal while there. She is a black cat named Skittles. First off, what a perfect name! Love it. She just loved to be held.  I can't wait to get an animal in my life! ....ah, college.

This afternoon and evening I'm hoping to get to work on schoolwork (hello 20 page paper, lesson plans, and senior seminar abstract), get to the gym, and see some friends for games. 

Hope you're having an excellent weekend!

Reasons to Smile

23 March 2011

Since it is currently 9pm and I have yet to read my chapter and write my paper for my Hinduism course I should probably keep this post short so there is no Wedding Wednesday post today.

However, with only a month left until graduation I'm beginning to feel a good amount of stress so I thought I'd list some more reasons to smile today.

Reasons to Smile:
  • We got new counters in today! They are so much prettier than our old ones.
  • The NSTA meeting went well this evening.
  • Free slices of pizza were received.
  • I still have time to write my paper.
  • My no-biting-my-nails mission is going well.
  • Have had a good amount of much-needed girl time this week. LOVE it.

{my roomies}

Curiosity - Hinduism

22 March 2011

{My statue of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, from the university's International Bazaar.}

Today, while I sipped my coffee in my 8 o'clock Hinduism class, we discussed our 20 page paper that will be due in a month. We have several set topic questions to choose between and one personal question to combine with our choice topic. After a 40 minute discussion of the final paper (worth 60% of my final grade!) we began lecture (yes, that terrifying L-word). 

My professor mentioned something today that set my wheels turning... You may know that I consider myself agnostic, although I may be past labels at this point, and that I have a religion minor. The questioning of my personal beliefs began years ago but the minor started when I was a freshman in college. In my first semester I took a course called World Religions and the faith that stuck out to me the most was Hinduism. I was surprised by several concepts in that class relating to Hinduism (such as their belief that we are all fellow travelers and the fact that Hinduism may not be polytheistic, as you might have thought).  Ever since, I was just sitting on the edge of my seat until I could learn more. 

Today I'm going to tell you some of the facts and beliefs in Hinduism that I find striking.  Of course, I am by no means an expert on the religion but I want to share the knowledge I have found, hear what you know, and try to answer any questions about the faith that I can. I think it is very important that we make an effort to understand all faiths. 

Common Misconception: Hinduism is polytheistic.

Not exactly. There are many "gods" in Hinduism but they are truly representatives of Brahman, the whole. In fact, everything is a part of Brahman. You, your desk, the little keypad that your hands are hovering over.... Brahman would be the closest relation to the Christian God. The 330 million* other gods represent characteristics of that one god/supreme being/everything.  (Take note that Brahman is not the same thing as Brahma, one of the three well-known gods).

It is too difficult for humans to wrap their minds around the concept of Brahman so instead different characteristics are used. It is similar to the way Christians celebrate Jesus and think of him when they worship (often as a white, brown-haired, blue-eyed man when in fact he was from the middle east and probably looked VERY dark skinned with brown eyes). It is easy to picture Jesus, a man, instead of God.  We all need some way to focus our thoughts. 

*330 million was the population of India at the time the number was first recorded. This number implies that there are as many Hindu gods and goddesses as there are people. Everyone is unique and worships in different ways while focusing on different characteristics. 

Belief: We are all traveling towards the same destination.

Alright, if I was trying to get to California from Virginia I have many routes I could be taking in order to arrive at my destination. There isn't a path more right than the others, each is just different. 

In the same way, every religion is heading towards liberation, just in their own way. 

From a Hindu perspective, we are all Hindus. You can be a Christian and Hindu, heck, you can be an atheist and still be Hindu. Fulfilling social duties and practicing yogas is the way to reach liberation (although this may take several lifetimes). 

*If you're curious, Christianity would likely fall under Bhakti Yoga.

Belief: Karma controls what happens.

You will experience consequences equivalent with the morality of your actions. If something bad happens it is a consequence of your actions (whether from this life or a previous life). If something good happens it is because of a moral action that you have performed. There is no "good or bad" karma, just karma. Karma itself is a process/response that is not good or bad, it just is. 

There is no way of knowing (when something good or bad happens) whether the happening is related to one action or another, but it is a proper consequence. 

For now, I'll leave it at that. If you have questions I'll do my best to answer them, I just wanted to throw a few ideas out there. 

Another Reason to Smile {Bethany's Giveaway}

21 March 2011

On top of this morning's post I wanted to add one more reason to smile today!

Bethany from Rinse. Repeat is doing a giveaway!

This week she's featuring different artists and crafters who are donating proceeds to Japan in a relief effort. This woman has a huge heart and I hope you will stop by her blog to show her some love and to support her efforts for Japan! 

{PS - Comments on her page are also counting for relief, so make sure to leave her some love!}

Reasons to Smile

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend?

My weekend was relaxing overall which was lovely. This morning I woke up at 7:30 after dreaming about missing registration for my graduate school classes. Probably a good thing I did wake up because my registration was at 8am and my alarm was set for 9am. Sometimes, things just work out!

After finishing my course registration I made some coffee and was catching up on blog reading when I decided to add Circle K events to my icalendar after our board meeting last night. As I began adding dates I looked at todays little square in the montage of dates and realized I had recorded "No 377 Class" for today. What? Our professor only mentioned it once, but my trusty computer saved me again! 

So, now I sit, making lists of what needs to be accomplished today. You know what the first item to check off is? Make a list of reasons to smile.

And here they are!
  • Plentiful time to get ahead on work with my classes canceled.
  • A great new board is taking over the volunteer organization this month, they'll be amazing!
  • The weather is getting warmer almost every day.
  • I graduate in just over a month!
  • Enjoyed some delicious carrot cake AND made it to the gym

What are your reasons to smile today?

Sunday 101

20 March 2011

This week I'm updating my 101 in 1001 again! Although I haven't completed many this week I have been making progress on some. 

#20 Learn to Shuffle Cards. Still in progress but I did attempt shuffling again last night. I think this will just take practice.

#21 Make more coffee than I buy. This is going rather well! Since January I've been making much more coffee at hom than I have at school or our local Starbucks. I just add a lot of creamer.... You could almost sad I add coffee to the creamer instead. I like it sweet. I'm not sure when I'll officially mark this one off the list but it will probably be coming up soon.

#47 Donate old clothes. Should be marked off this week! I have a pile readied to go to Good Will I just need to take it with me on a trip this week!

#66 Get a manicure. I added this one this week and I'm sharing this goal with you to help keep myself motivated. Here it is: I bite my nails. It's a habit I've had since childhood and although I always want to stop I find myself biting again when I get stressed. When I got my wisdom teeth taken out more than a week ago I didn't bite once simply because I couldn't. Now I have a goal to not bite my nails again and if I can go the month and a half until graduation then I'm rewarding myself with a manicure to look nice in my graduation photos!

I need to get back on the horse for working out three times a week and eating fruit daily. Any suggestions for motivation for these two goals? They'd be much appreciated.

PS - Check out Krysten at After I Do - she's doing a Shabby Apple Dress giveaway!

Birthdays & Disasters

19 March 2011

Since I've already posted about family once today I thought I'd do a sort of follow up. As a warning, this is a post about some of my more personal and private feelings so I don't mean to scare you away, just today was one of those days where I was forced to think about my family: what we have and what we will always be missing.

Today was my dad's 58th birthday. 

I decided to go to my hometown (only an hour away) this afternoon to spend time with him.  You may or may not know that my relationship with my dad is rocky at best. We were never close but when my mom passed away our relationship deteriorated. 

It has been a constant struggle for my sister and I to create a support group for ourselves and to accept that our family will never be traditional. There are days when I want to reconcile with my dad and days where I want to walk away from my old life with a finality of a door closing and pushing the dead-bolt through behind me.

I highly doubt that my dad views our relationship this way. He's always been a fairly antisocial guy - my mom was the warm, friendly type not him. For some reason, I don't see him concerned about our relationship or what we may lose. 

Today, out of an obligation that I can't explain, I decided to head on up and see him. While driving there I got a phone call from him saying that he had an accident this morning. He had been working with men from his church fixing up an elderly woman's home when he was working in the attic. He stumbled trying to step from rafter to rafter and fell straight through the insolation and ceiling down to the floor below (about 10 feet). 

I didn't know how to feel about this. I know my dad is mortal, after my experiences I never think anyone is invincible or capable of charging right through life without stopping to appreciate beauty and friends.

When I finally got home (ride took 2 hours instead of 1 because of accidents) I found him groaning and sitting. Any movement seemed to cause him pain. It worries me because sometimes I find myself thinking (with his age, diabetes, and a heart attack already under his belt) that I may not have that long with him. Maybe it's just paranoia after losing my mom.... I just don't know what I would do if I lost both of my parents during my college years. 

While I was there for a short period of time we had dinner, toured the basement, looked at my mom's wedding dress, and played a card game. I think he was genuinely happy to have me home for his birthday which was a nice feeling. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn't want Kelsey or me around any more... He's not an outwardly loving person and sometimes it's hard to tell if he's even interested in us at all. Literally in the middle of a sentence in a story I'm telling him he will get up and leave and not come back. It's like I don't register on his radar some days. 

Today was a good one though.

I did find myself looking at and twisting my engagement ring a lot though, thinking of Noah. It's hard for me when we're apart sometimes especially when I'm around my dad and his fiancee because I don't approve of their relationship. I don't like her and I don't think they're a good fit (beyond moving much too quickly). 

Driving home at nearly 9pm, I found myself thinking of my mom. I wonder often what a different state our lives would be in if she were still here. I know that I am so blessed in so many ways to have an amazing sister and a sweet, considerate, and supportive fiance but sometimes I get selfish and wish for more. 

I was embarrassed in high school to talk to my mom about some things such as a future with Noah (would she think I was taking a relationship way too seriously as a high schooler?) or ask her about her tumor and her thoughts about life (I didn't want to make her think about it more than I knew she already did).  I remember explicitly thinking when she died that I didn't regret anything, I had made an effort while in college to come home and see her and we loved one another.

Now, I'm not so sure. I guess with age comes wisdom, especially now that I'm about to graduate college and am making wedding plans. There are so many questions I would like to ask her that I never did. There are so many joys and experiences that I would like to share with her and I won't ever be able to. 

I apologize that this is somewhat self-pitying.  The biggest lesson to take away from this is to talk to your mom right now, while you can. Make time to call her at least once a week and see her periodically. If you're younger than me, don't be scared to talk to her about things you'll think are embarrassing or that she'll disapprove of - it's better to talk about it while you can.

There's no way to know right now where my relationship with my dad will go. Is it repairable? Will we go our separate ways some day?  I don't know. I guess we'll just keep taking it in little steps right now and try to pretend that our lives feel somewhat normal. Except they don't some days.

Thank you for bearing with me as I share some of my weaknesses and my worried inner thoughts. I keep thinking that one day in the future Noah and I will officially be a family. Then fur-babies and actual children will one day be in our lives. That seems like such a beautiful gift to me that I pray I never take for granted.

May you and yours be loving forever and may you create a beautiful family.


{My sister was this cute as a baby....I was not. So I thought I'd use these twins instead.}

Yesterday afternoon my sister stopped by the apartment to tell me about her graduate school interviews. She is applying to several Masters programs that would give her a leg up into the world as a school psychologist. 

She applied to be at our alma mater for graduate school, as I have, but I suspect she'll end up in the Washington, DC area and follow her long-term boyfriend. It made me realize that I don't see her enough while we're physically close now and that I'll be missing her in a matter of months. I don't have much family left and she's the only family connection I have at many times. 

While talking to her yesterday I realized how truly beautiful she is and how much she has grown as a person over the years. She doesn't look like a girl, she looks like a woman and I guess it just surprised me yesterday. How much time has passed and how much we've both grown... She's very passionate about psychology and understanding people and she does incredible amounts of volunteer work (this semester alone she's doing 40 hours outside of Circle K).  And, by pure relation, she's the person who best understands my feelings about our mom and dad. When we were younger we fought fairly often and felt compared a lot, but now that we're older I feel so grateful to have her as my sister in life. 

{My sister and I just before Christmas this year.}

Do you have any siblings? Do you see them often and get along well?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

17 March 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My Little is of Irish descent and has flaming red hair so I'm saying this for her! 

May you be able to find green in your closet to avoid being pinched. :)

Wedding Wednesday: Destination

16 March 2011

Noah and I discussed some wedding possibilities in a serious manner for the first time this weekend. I think I have my bridal party set (I never really thought about the difficulties of picking women in my life who mean a lot to me, there are friends I've known for a long time and some that I just met and clicked with instantly). It's a lot of fun to think about but can be hard to find a balance.

We also talked about possible localities for the ceremony and one that popped up this time was a destination wedding in, wait for it....... the Outer Banks. 

As we'll be fresh graduates from grad school we'll be very low on money and we haven't talked to parents about any budget issues yet (yeah, needs to be done). I've been looking up packages/caterers/photographers and the like for the past couple of days just to see what's available down South and I'll admit that I like what I'm seeing. 

There's a site that's been helpful in finding tools, the Outer Banks Wedding Association, and it has photos from weddings in 2010, a list of vendors, and a magazine with suggestions and tons of photos.

TheKnot has also been an invaluable tool in finding reception, ceremony, and decor ideas. I've found myself dreaming about weddings this week, too bad planning them is a bit trickier than just thinking of them and the possibilities. 

Would you consider a beach wedding? I like the casual atmosphere (no shoes! outdoors!) but Noah can still have his traditional wedding. It seems like a good combo for us. We'll see!

Sorry today is a little picture heavy, but I love the colors and brightness of beach weddings! Don't you?

What do you think about destination weddings? Have you been to one?

Any ideas about how to get guests there? We also probably need to limit the guest list because we have a lot of mutual friends, especially through the church I grew up in, and while it'd be nice to have them at the wedding I think I prefer a smaller family and close friends type of wedding. 

Suggestions for Romance

14 March 2011

Ok, I was ogling pictures of hand holding on WeHeartIt this morning and started thinking about what an amazing job Noah did last week when I had my wisdom teeth taken out at 21.  He did everything a gal could dream of asking for. Beyond changing out my gauze every half an hour, setting up my meds, and helping prepare salt washes to keep me healthy he also prepared every meal, did the dishes, drove me around town while I wasn't allowed to drive, and gave me plenty of pillows, blankets, and smoothies.

He was amazing. Pure and simple.

Then I got to thinking on Saturday morning about how I often daydream of these fancy, whimsical dates that Noah could take me on and I realized that I really don't do enough for Noah. I do think it's a little harder to plan for guys sometimes. Noah's amazing but he's different from me in that doesn't appreciate emotions expressed through actions quite as much as I do (he'll fully admit to that) so I have a hard time coming up with plans.

So, I'm looking for little ideas to incorporate through our days that are memorable, fun, and cheap (playing the college student card here). Plus, any bigger date suggestions are welcome!

These are my suggestions and ideas right now:

  • While out at dinner write little love notes to each other on the napkins (or play hangman and tic tac toe!)
  • Give him a card (Noah loves funny cards. You could even DIY! Make up a little pun and write it out on a card with little illustrations beside it.)
  • Take a mini-vacation.  Any scale. Go for a day trip or just surprise him by stopping to by an ice cream cone while getting groceries.
  • Invest in a gift mailbox. Decorate a shoebox or a similar item and periodically leave gifts in there for your man!  Maybe a little box of chocolates for him?
  • Full Body Massage. I'm spoiled, I admit it. Noah gives massages all the time and I really don't return the favor enough! After a long day, nothing's better than relaxing and enjoying time together.
  • Sneak Hugs. When your guy isn't looking run up behind him and give him a sneak hug!
  • Wallet Photos. Take funny pictures of the two of you together. When he isn't looking, slip them into his wallet for him to find!
  • Be a Hostess. Pick a night to surprise him with his favorite foods at dinner. Insist on being the perfect hostess and setting the table with candles and flowers and do the dishes afterwards!
  • Have a friend or co-worker drop off a package for him while you're not around. He'll never suspect it!
  • Leave sticky notes around the house for him to find. Maybe the bathroom mirror, in a cupboard, or on his favorite coffee mug.

It's important to remember your other half and to treat him with the love and respect he treats you with. I know I have a weakness about thinking of myself a little too much and I hope to continue to be conscious of my efforts with Noah. Don't let time dampen your romantic spirit! I know we have a hard time after six years finding new activities to do together and I'd love to hear from some couples that have more experience than we do!

Happy Monday and share your romance ideas here!

Sunday 101

13 March 2011

Hello Friends. 

This week for my 101 in 1001 I have been working to complete some reading goals. I'm actually finished up with my two books a month for March and have already moved on into April territory! 

#9 - Read 2 books a month. Complete for March!

#16 - Eat at least one new food (or at a new place) each week. This week I had a cake pop which was delicious. Can you believe I've never had one before? I mean, I've had cake before but I've always wanted to try it on a stick - so guess what? I'm counting it. 

#34 - Build up a fashion style. Still in the works.... For the first time in my life I find myself willing to put in a little more effort. This past week I made a purchase in the shirt department (see above photo) and it's floral and springy and so much fun to wear. On schedule for today? Dying my hair.  Whenever I dye my hair I do it myself. I have a thing for red hair apparently and for the first time I'm going to try an ashy brown (no red at all!). We'll see how that works with my pale skin and blue eyes.

#36 - Ask 10 friends what their favorite book is and then read those books. I've started asking, not reading yet.  This will be a daunting task to include with the 2 books a month goal!

#42 - Lose 10 pounds. I hardly ever weigh myself (the only scale is at the gym and I feel a little shy sometimes about weighing myself there). However, with my "wisdom tooth diet" this week, this is probably in progress. Plus when I went shopping yesterday I only bought ONE item that was unhealthy (a doughnut for breakfast this morning). Hello good and healthy food. To fellow vegetarians out there - try the veggie pot pies - SO GOOD!

#44 - Eat a fruit a day. Alright, this is still a huge weakness for me. I'm writing about it this week mostly to remind myself that I need to do better at it. I did buy strawberries yesterday and they are delicious! Hopefully now that I'm getting weekends off from field trips I'll be able to pick up some fresh fruits at the farm market.

Morning at the Market

12 March 2011

Noah and I went to the local farm market this morning for the first time in months! Every Saturday morning when I traveled away on field trips I was missing the market.  I love all the home grown plants and homemade candles, soaps, knits, etc.  It's lovely and such a community feel. We actually have a coaster set from the market (like the ones pictured above) that feature pictures from the same farm at different seasons throughout the year. 

I also have a candle in our bathroom and gifted one to my sister last Christmas (the makers press the flowers themselves and make the candles - beautiful decorations). 

This is that delicious honey I've mentioned before.  The vendor wasn't around while we walked through though so maybe I'll pick up some more Orange Blossom Honey next Saturday. 

These pansies were beautiful - I'd love to have a garden to plant these lovelies in. 

Today had some great reasons to smile:
- visiting the farm market
- getting some productive studying in at Starbucks today
- using my Gold Member status to get free iced tea refills
- planning potlucks and game nights for the semester
- being nearly healed up in the wisdom tooth department
- caught up with my sister today and will be talking with my Little tonight

Well, I'm off to Skype one of my girlfriends to ask about her break. Have a wonderful Saturday evening!

Cake Pops and Tea

11 March 2011

Today and tomorrow Starbucks is doing a promotion - when you buy a drink you get a petite (I chose a cake pop!) for free! 

That was really nice, check them out!

Of course, I did have to drink the tea from the cup since I can't sip from straws yet and I had to break up the cake pop with my fingers - but hey, what gal doesn't love free stuff am I right?

My jaw isn't as sore today which is a very good thing and I think we may try Mexican food for dinner. I've been craving cheese dip for 2 days now when I feel up to food so cross your fingers for me! My plans for tonight are to catch up on my letter writing and to get a package ready to mail out tomorrow. I've fallen behind on everything this week while healing so I apologize if my thank you cards or packages are belated! You should be getting them early next week.  

Hope you have a marvelous weekend! Much love. 

Just Some Thoughts

10 March 2011

In my mind I'm canoeing out on the water enjoying sunny days over spring break. 

In reality, I'm usually on the couch: reading, watching tv, playing games, or sleeping. Who knew Vicodin would knock me out periodically in short naps?

It's not what I hoped for as my break, but at least I have time to recuperate before getting back into schoolwork.  I'd love to be outdoors more and not sleeping/recovering.  

Noah got the message today that his grandmother's husband passed away which means we'll be traveling to our hometown this weekend for his funeral in all likelihood.  It's been a sad break, I'm hoping we can pull together a little bit and at least help his family feel better. 

Tomorrow I'll be looking through family pictures to take to Noah's grandma and on a much easier note than that, eating solid foods fully again. 

Keep us in your thoughts. Recovery for me is going well, albeit slowly, but we'll need some strength to get through the rest of break too!

Little Wisdom Clip

08 March 2011

Just a quick update. The wisdom teeth removal went fine - way better than I was expecting! 

Noah has done an excellent job taking care of me today (know how awesome? He would remove bloody gauze from my mouth and put in new, clean pieces). That's love right there.

Things are moving along really well and I've had very little pain. How lucky! My sister was so nauseous afterwards that she got sick.... I had no problem. Although when my mouth was numb right after surgery and the nurse was talking to Noah I kept trying to sign to them.

Apparently, before Noah came back I was trying to sign to the nurse (since I was too numb to speak well) N-O-A-H. Of course, she didn't understand sign language so when that didn't work I muttered out what probably sounded like N-UHHHHH. She told him that the first thing I asked for was him.  

Noah was getting a little too much information at the time to be paying attention to my signing.... but my questions were probably silly anyways. 

The above photos are clips from "David after Dentist" on youtube. The kid was drugged up. Really funny! I was actually quite sane when I woke up. Amazing, what we can do now.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Hope you're enjoying solid foods - 24 hours after my last solid bite and I'm really missing it!

A Relaxing Day

07 March 2011

Today is the third day of spring break and while I'm sad it's flying by, I've felt more relaxed today than I have for a few weeks now.  My morning started off brilliantly with me finding a check in my piles of mail, a clean room after a few weeks of stuff piling up, and I found out that I won Ashley's giveaway

This could not have come at a better time! Tomorrow morning at 7:30 am (just 13 hours from now) I'll be having oral surgery to get my wisdom teeth removed. I know it's a very common place surgery so I'm not overly worried - I've just never had laughing gas, and IV, or general anesthesia before.  Plus, Noah gets to drive me home and take care of me afterwards.  It should be pretty simple, I guess I just have nerves being a first-timer. Looks like it'll be ice cream for me tomorrow!

Tonight I'm trying to make sure I drink a lot of water. The nurses suggested that for the IV. At least most of today has been filled by sitting around reading or playing games and cleaning house because my sister and her boyfriend will be staying here tonight (she's getting her teeth removed just two hours after me).  

After being in our hometown for two days I'm very glad to be back in my home with Noah. I feel very comfortable here and I miss it when we're away.  

Hope you have had a very happy Monday!

PS- I've been getting reading in for 101 in 1001. I'm glad to take advantage of this break!

Tale of Two Taylors (Giveaway)

05 March 2011

Ashley is doing a giveaway at her sweet blog The Tale of Two Taylors. It's a personalized stationary set, make sure to go check her out! She has two sweet men in her life and they just took a trip to the zoo so there are lots of pretty pictures to browse through too!

{Photo from Ashley's blog}

It ends tomorrow night though, so be quick and drop a line on her blog!

What a great giveaway idea Ashley!

Mail Makes Me Smile

04 March 2011

Bethany from Rinse. Repeat. has the biggest heart I know! Beyond having an incredibly sweet and personable blog, she has an amazing sense for style, a great eye for photographs, and has a way with words that melts your heart (read Chapter One of her love story here). 

She sent me a package in the mail that was so cute it made me grin and laugh which caused Noah to ask what was going on. He came over to check and said to himself "I need to get some blogger friends".  He's right, everyone here is incredibly awesome.  What did I tell you? This girl is marvelous - look at how fancy she did that homemade envelope in the first photo along with the handmade felt flower! 

It's been a rough week here and this sure was a reason to smile when I found it on my desk this afternoon!

Earlier in the week, one of my mom's two long-time best friends sent Noah and me an engagement letter with some photos in the envelope as well. They were of my mom when she was close to my age.  The photo on the left has an inscription to her friend on the back saying "16 long years of school are just about finished. I'm anxious to get out and join your 'career girl' world! A friend always, love, Sue."  It means a lot to me to have these photos of my mom.  There are plenty of photos of my Mom around my dad's house in scrapbooks that she made, but they're practically all from the time of our birth on. It's nice to see that my mom felt the same way as me at one point.

Don't you love getting mail? There's nothing quite like it. 

If your mailbox has been a little lonely lately I'd like to send you a reason to smile! 

Drop me a line at allisonmseward{at}gmail{dot}com - I'd love to send you a letter to pass on the kindness and warmth that has been shown to me this week!

Thanks Bethany, you're a sweetheart!

Welcome to Our Campus

03 March 2011

Hello. It is Thursday evening. You know what this means? All my assignments are turned in and I can basically kick back and wait out my last two classes for spring break to arrive! Yes.

I thought I'd show you just a few pictures from my afternoon. Our campus has both an interstate and a railroad crossing through it. In fact, at my university we have a phrase "Blame it on the train" for when you're late to class. More often than not you are late because a train blocked you. My apartment, two blocks from campus is surrounded by traintracks and if a train is coming there is no way to avoid it. The interstate is no difficulty...

These are two of our main buildings. It's where you fist go before you're even a freshman to get pictures taken for your student ID card, where mailboxes are for on-campus students, and also where my club (Circle K) meets on a weekly basis. 

The above photo was actually taken downtown when I was taking pictures of my sister's boyfriend. He has been working diligently on his senior thesis and he needed a picture for his professor of him working on it. He's pushing a change in policy in the city to support green energy and energy efficiency. Impressive huh?

This is a photo of my friend and me right before we did our fitness class The Groove.  An instructor dims the lights and as a song plays we have two basic moves to perform and it is so much fun! Once you hit the 20 minute mark of this hour class you start to really feel the burn too. For one song you're not allowed to let your hips touch the ground but you must stay on all fours. This is harder than it sounds! I dare you to put on your favorite song right now, get on the ground, and twist/crabwalk/do a plank the entire song - trust me you'll feel it.

Today I knocked out two papers and part of a cross section on top of two classes, a lab, the fitness class, and club work.  I'm feeling pretty good but I'm ready for a break!  Hopefully starting tomorrow I'll have ample time to catch up on commenting on all your blogs! Ooh, and maybe get a hike or two in.

Get ready for a fantastic Friday!
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