29 April 2011


I'm so happy! I finished my senior presentation today and that's been worrying me for a while. Now I have two full days before doing any more school work.

I love it. I totally wish I was that girl above on a bike at the beach. I feel like I could be!

Tomorrow is the big festival and I'm SO excited! Seems like it'll be a grand weekend after an incredibly intense week.  Happy Friday!

I actually recorded myself giving my presentation about 9 times and contemplated putting it online but who would want to watch a YouTube video about conodont biostratigraphy for fifteen minutes on here??

Periodically I send videos like the one above to my family to catch them up on what I'm doing and I thought I'd share this one with you. 

Time for a mini-break before three more exams and then I GRADUATE. YAY!

Dreaming of Beaches

28 April 2011


Aren't they sweet? A beach wedding is still a consideration.... Any planning will have to wait at least a week though. I guess I'm just in fantasy mode right now!

Good news: my biggest project is over. I'm so glad! My partner and I finished yesterday and it's not due until Friday. Yep, we're that amazing (truly, we've spent roughly sixty hours on this project not including field trips). Plus I'm on page 19 of my (20 page) Hinduism paper and it will be done this morning! 

Today I'm meeting with my professor to finalize presentation ideas for tomorrow's seminar and I'm taking my philosophy final.  Not bad.

Tomorrow is a big deal with Senior Seminar (Research Symposium). I'm only talking for 15 minutes but I'm already nervous!

In other news, I'm a redhead again. I missed it.

Left is close to my natural color (it may look a little blonder because the sunlight was right on it, but it's more a light brown).  Right is the current me. Ah, I needed a change and that pop of color! 

*Want to know something about me? I have, for all practical purposes, no eyebrows. Yeah, see that pic on the right? Just after a shower, literally they're so blonde! Thought I'd share with you all one of those self conscious things. I don't have to pluck but I do have to color. How's that for a little secret?*



Will you daydream about being at the beach and playing with fun balloons with me?  My dreamy beach vacation will be in August as always so I must wait another couple of months, but it does sound right perfect just now!

Three Days

27 April 2011

Aww! Isn't that little pug dog adorable?! 

For some reason this morning, despite everything that should be going on in my head, I'm thinking about weddings. I hope when we get to the summertime that Noah and I can make some more decisions. Yes, I did pick the above picture simply because there was a pug in it.

I love pugs and think they're hilarious.

Did you know that?

Warning: Be prepared for research/symposium worries! You can skip down about three paragraphs if you'd like to get to the good stuff.

{one of my experiences with liquid nitrogen while "doing research"}

I'm getting stressed about my workload this week. It's Wednesday morning at 7:35am. I'll be leaving my apartment in a matter of minutes to head to a library and bang out some central points for my senior symposium presentation on Friday morning. That's my biggest stressor. I've been doing research since, well, December... of 2009 (see point 6), and you'd think that would give me something to talk about. Not really. 

My project centers around education and incorporating research into a classroom setting. While my project is very likely fine, I keep talking to other geology and earth science majors and their projects seem so.... science-filled. I feel like I didn't answer a question while doing research (despite technically being published, presenting at a conference, and doing work for a year and a half). I learned a lot but I just feel like it wouldn't be interesting to present to other people and a lot of it is related to grunt work.

You know what I mean? Sometimes you'd be fine on your own but you get worried when you see what other people are doing?

You know what though? It's in two days. Literally the presentation happens about 50 hours from now. 


Anywho, there are three days left of this crazy week before I go home for the Apple Blossom Festival! I'm excited. Of course my big hometown festival happens right before finals week. That's ok. Compared to this week finals week should be a breeze! Really, there's only about three tests - no big deal right? (I'm so completely serious right now, compared to projects/20p papers tests are easy smeazy). 

I'm ready to celebrate and enjoy my full week off before grad school starts!

Sorry for the long post! On another note, aren't those Reese Graduation Pops just super cute? I think I MUST try making them!

Reasons to Smile

26 April 2011

There are a lot of good things going on around here.

I'd love to take part in everything and see a lot of friends before I graduate.

But everyone is getting really busy these last two weeks of school.

That's ok though. Noah and I are both really busy too.

We need to make some priorities!

But I still need to remember my reasons to smile:

- Two more weeks of undergrad
- There was a small thunderstorm last night
- We got a new stove and microwave yesterday
- Glee is on tonight (I hope it's a new episode)
- Most of my work will be done this week so next week should be a breeze
- I received a free Starbucks petites card in the mail (I love free things!)

Hope you have a lot of reasons to smile as well!

The Caverns

25 April 2011

Hello Monday Morning!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and time to relax. Noah and I remained quite busy but every bit of it was filled with fun. As a little summary:
-sustainability summit
-movie with the family
-sunrise service
-lunch on Easter

It was the perfect amount of business!

These photos are from Friday when I explored a commercial cave with fellow geology students. I still strongly suggest going if you have a chance!

Giveaway winner is Ashley Taylor from a The Tales of Two Taylors! Ashely, stop by and give me your address!

What weekend adventures did you have?

Sunday 101

24 April 2011

Catching up on my weekly progress on my 101 goals!


23. Read a biography. I'm currently reading Tina Fey's Bossypants and I'm loving it. I think I might put it under the category memoir but I'm definitely counting it for this goal because the idea behind it was to read about someone's life (and get out of just the fiction/fantasy genre). If you enjoy Tina Fey like I do, this is a good book to look into.

49. Discover more outdoor locations that are beautiful. Well, maybe I should have said underground. I went through a local cavern this weekend (we actually have a lot of karst in this area!) and it was wonderful. There's one more in the area that I really should knock out before I leave the town. If you haven't been in a cave, try to get to one - it's a really neat experience.

70. Keep in touch with people from home. This week it was easy. Beyond a video and emails I was able to visit family for Easter. While I'm not close with my family I feel better when I do my familiar duty by actually visiting everyone. Plus it can be a little fun around the holidays.

71. Only use a reusable mug when getting coffee. I didn't use a cup or paper mug this week at all because I was diligent about bringing my water bottle and a coffee mug from home. Does wonders. Small efforts can make a difference and I encourage you to look for ways to be 'green'.

I wasn't very conscious of my goals this week so I'll have to make more of an effort with them but at least some things got accomplished. I'll be impressed if anything gets done this week because it's the week before finals (which tends to be worse than finals week for me). 

Anniversaries and Summits

23 April 2011

{April 22, 2011 - 6 years}

Yesterday was my six year anniversary with Noah. We had a wonderful day with dinner, a party, and shopping at Target. It was a very good time! He's been my rock for years now and I can't imagine finding a better person to share my life with. I love you Noah.

On another note, today is the Sustainability Summit which is part of the green movement in my town. Noah and I are attending with no real ideas about what the summit entails. My sister's boyfriend is planning to lead a group session actually so I'm sure we'll attend that. Should be fun. Here's to making a difference in the world with our lifestyles!

Bethany is Amazing

21 April 2011

Yep, she sure is.  If you haven't stopped by her blog you really need to because this young woman is fantastic. Seriously, go read and come back.

When she heard about how I was down a little over a week ago, Bethany decided to ship a package off to me. Can you believe the kindness in her heart? This year has been dreadfully stressful and lacking in friend time and you all just won't let that happen. Thank you blog world.

Seriously? How crafty and cute is this gal? Twine, doilies, and bright spring letters (on top of the perfect blue tissue paper) covered my new organizer and pen set. I could hardly stand to open the package because I felt like I should leave it as a memorial to the blog world and friends somewhere in a glass case forever looking sweet. 

Thank you Bethany for being so kind. I nearly cried when I opened the package because after so many tough weeks (this one included!) you reminded me that there are always people thinking about you even when you least expect it.

PS - Just a few more days for the giveaway

Reasons to Smile

20 April 2011

Reasons to Smile:
  • There's a giveaway
  • That geologic history is almost done
  • Tonight I'm going out with the Circle K President from my board year
  • Earth Science t-shirts should be coming in soon (that means tie-dye party!)
  • These Camera Lens Mugs are on my wishlist for graduation. Love em.
  • Graduation is roughly 17 days away
  • My geology partner made me snickerdoodle cookies
  • Today my bike tires will be inflated to ride to campus in the beautiful weather

Yep, things are looking good and this semester I've done a spectacular job of staying on top of my work so these last couple of weeks (while a little stressful) are not too bad!

Dreaming of the Beach and Summer

19 April 2011

There are eighteen days until graduation and I'm feeling rather excited! All that's on my mind right now is spring, travel, and career paths. 

We're getting a mix of warm weather and hard rain here and I'll take it! This was the first year that I remember being so tired of winter. I could move a bit further south after college I think (but Noah would never.....). Right now some of those beaches a tad to the east of us are sounding amazing. I'd love to go on a car ride with some friends to lay out on the sand at the end and bask in the sun. And then quickly put sunscreen on and jump in the water because I'd be a lobster if I ever tried to tan! 

It seems like everything is leading up to graduation but I'm not sure what I'm going to do afterwards. I only have one week before grad classes start so that's not much time. Certainly it's too late to make reservations anywhere. The majority of my summer classes end around June 20 but the last one finishes in early July. It'd be nice to try getting to Charleston this summer. There is a chink in the planning system in that Noah applied for a counselor job in Michigan at a music camp which would be wonderful for him. However, he hasn't heard back yet and that means I don't want to plan something for us if he won't be here and I don't want to make it a girls only weekend if he can go.... Maybe I'm just itching to get out and that's all it is.

I'd still like to be sure of what I want to do. There's one thing about the education program that I really don't like. There is no student teaching experience until your last semester at graduate school. Sure I've done practicum, which was great, but I wasn't the head teacher so I'm sure it will be very different. I won't know until I do it, but I'm already getting a bit afraid about boxing myself in.

I think a week at the beach would cure this. Each day I'm drifting off thinking of sunshine then immediately pulled back by the hefty workloads. Ah, beaches.

 Do you have a favorite beach?


18 April 2011

Hello lovelies! 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! To celebrate the week I'm having a giveaway. This is a scented treatment giveaway! From left to right in the above photo you have a handmade bar of Spearmint Lime soap, a Bath & Body Works lotion (Blackberry and Vanilla), and a Lavender lip creme.  Both the soap bar and lip creme are from the farm market and all three smell amazing! Seriously, I wish you could link smells on blogs somehow because that spearmint lime bar is wonderful! 

This giveaway is open to followers only. 

To enter:

1. Be a follower (leave a comment for this).
2. Tell me your favorite scent (leave a comment for this).

Happy Enterings! Giveaway ends on Friday.

PS - I truly considered trying to buy my favorite orange blossom honey from the farm market but I wasn't sure how well that would go over in the shipping department. 

Sunday 101

17 April 2011

It's already time for another 101 post? Wow, where did time go this week? First off, I'm so happy to actually have a weekend! It's been great and relaxing although I just have got to get back on the work train. There are three weeks left of solid work! 

16. Eat at least one new food a week. I ate a new Indian dish at my friend's place this week. It was very good and I'll probably be looking for my own recipe soon.

44. Eat one fruit a day. Not quite there yet but I am consciously getting more fruit into my diet. Today alone I've had canelope, honeydew, and strawberries.

68. Plan meals in advance. I'm not planning overly far in advance, but I think throughout the week about what I'd like to try. Noah and I have been doing much better lately about sticking to our grocery lists instead of listening to our tummies!

69. Cook at least two meals a week.  This week I made eggplant parmesan and Noah and I made a little meal together with salad, mini quiches, and veggies too. It was quite good! 

Caesar Salad

Mini Quiches

Today, Noah's mom came to town and took my sister and I out to go shopping for graduation. I couldn't believe it! My dad never buys us clothing. I'm very grateful to have college paid for; I have a lot of friends who don't have that luxury. Sometimes though I do have girlfriends who talk about everything they do with their moms. I know if my mom was here she'd take us out to get a dress, but she's not and that won't change. Fortunately, my sister and I have supportive friends and "second families" around us.

Noah's mom took us to get shoes and dresses for the occasion and, if I can say so myself, we looked amazing! I've never in my life had a dress I was so proud of our shoes that were so bold. Mine are the red ones in the picture below (sorry it's small, but it's from her camera). 

I felt simultaneously flabbergasted that she was willing to spend money on us while being so incredibly thankful. It made for lots of semi-embarrassing moments when I would gasp at prices or blush at compliments. It was a lovely afternoon though and I may actually feel ready to graduate! I have a gorgeous dress, a group of people ready to cheer for me when I get my diploma, and my robes are hanging on my closet door. 

{New red heels from today's shopping}

I hope you've had a lovely weekend! Enjoy yourself today!

Morning at the Market

16 April 2011

Breads fresh from the market. I picked up some rolls (the bottom shelf) to eat with garlic hummus. After my dinner with a friend on Wednesday, she gifted the hummus to me knowing I love all things garlic. It's from the Market too!

These flowers are gorgeous! If I had a yard (or a window planter) I'd be all over them!

It's raining here today so some of the vendors were getting a bit wet but there was still a fantastic turnout.  I love being able to support my community and every one is incredibly happy here. While I don't want to live here after college, there are a lot of good people. 

This is the same vendor that I got my sweet potatoes from to make that d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s sweet potato casserole last week. 

You know what this means? A giveaway is coming up soon! Check back on Monday for more details.

PS - Sorry for the poor quality pics. I had my DSLR with me but when I tried to take pictures it said the memory card had an error. I'm on it though!

Spring Photos

15 April 2011

It's that time of year again, when I begin one of my favorite past times of taking photos of flowers and all things beautiful in nature. Of course you can do this in winter too, but personally I get tired of taking the bark and pine needle photos in my region. Hah! Now though, we have color!

Taking photos of nature is so calming for me. It makes me happy when a shot turns out just right and I have tons of fun editing them. 

What's your relaxing hobby?

Reasons to Smile

14 April 2011

My reasons to smile today are:
  • I discovered Brian Andreas Quotes on My Teacups in Peony.
  • In Word, I discovered how to make a pro table of contents for our already-33-page history
  • Before my afternoon class I had time to grab a bagel with delicious honey & almond cream cheese
  • 30 Rock (with Tina Fey!) will be on in 30 minutes
  • Enjoyed a crepe for dinner
  • I've been browsing these recipes this evening

I love taking the time to see some beauty in every day! Hope you're excited for Friday!

Eggplant Parmesan & Chana Masala

Last night I met with a girlfriend and we cooked up a few dishes. I made a breaded eggplant (eggplant parmesan without the pasta/sauce) and she made chana masala. I let Noah try a few pieces of the eggplant before I walked over to her apartment and he was a fan, he loves his eggplant parm!

My friend liked them too. I have one suggestion for this recipe (and it's a personal opinion) and that's to do your best to get a fresh eggplant. I tend to not like the texture when I get a bunch of the seeds together and that means the fresher the better (before the seeds turn brown). 

The flavor was really good though and they were perfect tenderness. This is the recipe I followed! Very vegetarian friendly!

My friend made chana masala and it was tasty! I brought an Indian chickpea dish to the table last week and she thought that was exotic. She had made a spinach pie and I thought that was amazing! Sometimes you're so used to your cooking that everything you don't make just tastes over-the-top amazing. 

The eggplant recipe was really easy and took about half an hour to make. Not too many ingredients were needed either! 

Hope you get a chance to try it - maybe with some marinara sauce on the side?

Wishing on Wednesday

13 April 2011

I've been cruising around the internet lately and found a couple of things I just love.  I wanted to share some with you!

I'm loving these camera bags from Jo Totes. Aren't they looking fine? I can't decide which one I like better.  What do you think?

This recycled wine bottle cheese board from Etsy. Feel fancy and green at the same time!

I think this pocketwatch necklace is adorable! I'd love to have one hanging around my neck!

These gorgeous flowers are not yet earrings but with this DIY tutorial they could easily become the most accessorize-able of your jewelry with 12 different colors shipping together! This shop also has other styles of flowers and other earrings patterns (like birds or frames). 

I also fell in love with this dress from Ruche but it sold out before I could decide if $50 was a justifiable amount to spend on a graduation dress.  I guess I'll be dreaming of the could-have-beens for a little while.

Lastly for today, I think this coin purse is way too cute. I like the bold pattern and color while it remains feminine and girly. Very cute!

Do you have some items you've been oggling around the internet?

PS - Three days left until I can visit the farm market!
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