Sunday 101

31 July 2011

{Getting my reading on at the beach.}

I'm taking a quick break from beach photos do catch up on a Sunday 101 post. Home from the beach now safe and sound but will be off again in less than a week. What a great feeling!

9. Read 2 books a month. Finished Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter. Review to come soon!

16. Eat at least one new food a week. Smoked Brie and Zucchini Bread makes for two new foods (and even one new place in the OBX).

31. Do yoga at least once a week. Check!

69. Cook at least two meals a week. Check!

81. Make my own sangria. Not going to officially check it off yet but I basically did this inadvertently this past week while helping with a cobbler.

85. See my sister once a month. July has a check!

97. Visit Bethany Beach, Delaware. May be happening sooner than I imagined!

And... simple because I feel like this needs some more photos. Here are some from our good times last night as apartment-mates. Late night Sheetz run, forts, boys, and drinking a daiquiri each while making fun of how terrible beer tests...... equals a good time.

What is there to say beyond boys will be boys?

Beachside Delights

30 July 2011

The water was fantastic! Perfect temperatures and so clear.... I can't get enough of beach breezes either; there's nothing quite like it. The days have been filled with reading, swimming, lying about on the sand, applying spf50 sunscreen about seven times in two hours, and swimming in the pool... aka activities that I wish my life was composed of on an every day basis. I've nearly finished Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter which means success for this week at the beach. It's all coming to an end but in one more week I'll be at a beach in Delaware so there's no hard feelings. 

What's your favorite beach? Do you like to keep busy or keep it low key and relax? In the OBX I am low key but in Delaware it's busy busy busy. They're both nice, just very different.

Black Pelican

29 July 2011

I love vacation. You know what else I love? Food.

I had smoked brie, curry hummus, and we all shared cheesecake. Plus we had plenty for leftovers. It's easier to eat healthier and be healthier on vacation. I guess because we're so busy and there's not a ton of snacks. Last night I went with my friend to the local YMCA and we did a pilates class for an hour before doing 20 minutes of cardio. My core is feeling it today! Whoo. Yet we're at the beach so life is good.

Outer Banks

28 July 2011

It's been beautiful here. The water is perfectly cool (but not cold) and it has been surprisingly clear for the Atlantic on the East Coast. We've been swimming, walking in sand, eating wonderful food (with a glass of wine at dinner), and watching movies. Basically, the beach is incredibly relaxing.


27 July 2011


No post yesterday because I was traveling to the Outer Banks to spend some time at the beach with a friend and her family. It's just under a six hour drive so I was a bit tired when I got down. Hopefully today will be filled with seashells, ocean waves, and good times! Hope you have a great day!


25 July 2011

Where did this weekend go?? I had a great time catching up with one of my friends (and bridesmaid) on her birthday while she was working on convincing me to go to our traditional family camp beach. I was able to see my sister for a little bit too and we visited our grandparents. Then Noah and I had one of our friends from church who's a high schooler come down to stay with us. We took him on a tour of the college campus, at downtown, and played some wii games. Today I need to take a final for my summer classes then they're officially over! Woot!

Hope you had a great weekend too and Happy Monday!

Reasons to Smile

22 July 2011

I want a dog just to have it be our ring bearer (Noah would never agree)!

Reasons to Smile today:
- bagels with honey & walnut cream cheese
- lots of candles
- game nights and visiting friends
- will see my sister this weekend
- less than a week until I'm at a beach!
- almost done with summer classes
- great week with kids at tech camp

What are your reasons to smile today? Happy Friday!

Tech Savvy Teachers

21 July 2011

Here's a fun little fact about me: I love technology. I think that we could utilize technology to make the world a much smaller place. For instance, we use blogs to meet people around the world and learn about their lives. Facebook helps us keep up with friends that don't live near us any more and Twitter allows us to follow professional sites related to our fields (I get all my world, education, and science news from Twitter). 

So, as a teacher I want to incorporate technology into my classroom. In May I took a technology in education course that I found useful because I learned a few new skills but my favorite part of the course was our final project. We had to pick a topic to research that was related to technology and we needed to present it to our professor. I ended up using a website format (because I could include links that way) to show applications for ipods or ipads that could be used in a classroom. I'm still updating it when I find new apps and online resources. 

I'll be doing a practicum in the fall and student teaching next spring so I want to have all the possible resources at my fingertips when I get into a classroom!

What do you think would be useful in a classroom (podcasts, websites, blogs, apps)? If you have kids, what types of technology do they like?

Simple Joys

20 July 2011

{How cute is this? Via}

Bibi did a post about a beautiful day at the beach and it made me wish I was there with her! Sometimes I wish I would travel to the beach earlier in the summer because it always brings a smile to my face.

On a different note, I had another great day with my campers. They're awesome and I'm just as sure now as I was in practicum that I want to work with middle schoolers. 

This weekend we may have a guest over. A high school student from our home church will be staying the night and taking a tour of our campus Monday. I hope he loves it because this place has been home for me for four years now and soon to be a fifth. How exciting that he's looking at colleges already!

Also next week I may get to go to the beach earlier than expected with a friend's family. I'm sort of crossing my fingers here. Plus we had a fun game night with friends tonight. Yay for good, relaxing times!

Tech Camp

19 July 2011

I'm doing a short stint at a camp this week which is so much fun! Middle schoolers have been coming to the university to study engineering, science, math, and technology which is right up my alley. It's basically been a lot of fun with Design Challenges, games, and factory tours. It's reassuring to be doing something fairly similar to my future career that I enjoy doing. We have a good group of kids!


18 July 2011


Let me be upfront with you. I am not a shoes kinda gal. I've never liked trying on shoes in the store, I am pigeon-toed (meaning my left foot angles inward when I walk), I have a very high arch - which is the area that hurts excruciatingly right now, and shoes are so dang expensive. 

Problem is, I need to start finding professional/sturdy shoes to wear for when I'm a teacher and will be walking/standing all day long. Today I was working with middle schoolers from 8-3 and I was standing the entire time - minus one fifteen minute bus ride. I wore tennis shoes the entire day and even those weren't good enough. My feet are aching all over.

This has always been a problem and the only way I survived field days in geology was by having an awesome pair of boots (field boots - not pretty boots) to work with all day. In fact, I think they're the only shoes I own that are remotely comfortable.Sneakers are fine for two or three hours but even for the day they hurt.

So, do any of you have suggestions? I might even be willing to pay more than my normal $15-30 for a pair of shoes if they would be truly comfortable and long-lasting. Help a gal out! 

What I'm Loving

17 July 2011

All the prints from The Little Illustrator shop on Etsy

These Dictionary Prints

Playing with Instagram

This It Gets Better with Age photo shoot 

Browsing Pinterest

This Peach Cake

Frozen Smores


Puppy Pictures!

{Boston Terrier Pup}

Enjoy and have a happy Sunday!

Reasons to Smile

16 July 2011

"A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it."  ~Author Unknown

Reasons to Smile:
- Locations are booked
- Summer classes are almost over
- Saw HP
- Ample time to do homework today
- I'm planning a picnic! 
- Cute mail came in
-Beach trips are getting close

What are your reasons to smile today?


Krysten at After I Do first suggested this book in one of her book reviews. So thanks to Krysten!

Cassia lives in a world where choices are made for the betterment of society. Your job is assigned to you, you are Matched with another person who will be the perfect spouse for you, and the society controls much of what you do and eat. 

Our main character must decide whether she wants to live the life that the society has set out for her or if she should follow her heart. 

Honestly, after The Hunger Games series this book left me a little disappointed. It was a fine read but I felt it was much lighter than the Hunger Games and the heroine wasn't as strong as Katniss. Yet, the idea was still good to push you to think about the freedom you experience and to instill the love of liberty over a controlling government. 

It All Ends: Harry Potter Premiere

15 July 2011

It all ends.

Be warned, there are two paragraphs of plain old sappy me before getting to photos from the premiere! 

{Badges. My Hufflepuff one will be awarded a place of honor. Thanks Meredith!}

I did a post yesterday about Harry Potter and what that series has meant to me over the years. Lots of my friends say that this, the final movie, is the official marker for the end of their childhood (remember, they grew up with Harry just like me) but I don't see it that way. In the Wizarding World you're an adult at 17 and I think, while in the States you're an adult at 18, that was much closer to the end of my childhood than now, at 22, with the final installment of the HP movies. 

The final book came out in 2007, right after I graduated from high school and before starting college when I was just 18. That in itself is a sort of mark of the end of childhood. Then, the following summer, in May, while I was still 18, my mom passed away. It's hard to call anything childhood, except the past, after that experience. Instead, rereading the books gave me a whole new perspective. Of course, I wasn't orphaned like Harry, but seeing loss through his eyes was refreshing. It was a reminder that I was not the only person to experience such a loss and many had it so much worse. That's also why I cry every single time I read the chapter with the resurrection stone in the final book (and, apparently, in the movie) when Harry sees the loved ones that he's lost. Harry taught me lessons about morals growing up and about loss as an adult. This movie was not the end but a reminder that the saga and lessons will continue throughout life in relation to this series. 

Without further ado, lets get to the photos from the Harry Potter party and Midnight Premiere!

{Cauldron Cakes made by Katie!}

{Just arrived! Better get on board!}

{Cream Soda & Butterscotch Schnapps} 

{Hogwarts Ladies, Meredith Sizemore}

{Hogwarts Houses, Meredith Sizemore}

{Hufflepuff rules! Proudest moment ever!}

{My friend Meredith made these awesome badges and got house ties from goodwill!}

{Noah came right after work for the premiere}

{McGonagall and Hedwig were there!}

{Hagrid and me}

{Friends in the movie theater}

{Katie and me with the whole Hogwarts crew: Harry Potter, Hagrid, Snape, Dumbledore, Hedwig, Madam Hooch, and Dobby!}

I went with four girlfriends and Noah (the other boys were at camp and had to get up for work at 5am respectively). Usually I'm not a big fan of midnight premieres because it feels like a lot of waiting. However, we were there for two hours this time, got seated right away with five seats together, and there were so many people dressed up that the wait pretty much flew by. The movie, at 2 hours and 10 minutes, was like lightning - over before you knew it! I also think they did the best job on this one. Maybe that's because everything wraps up so I'm biased but they did a better job following the books in this one I think.

We had great Harry Potter themed food and to see more of that deliciousness check out my friend Katie's blog at Laughter Sparks the Soul. She made some awesome Cauldron Cakes, I brought Acid Pops, and there was also fever fudge, dirt cake, and amazing butterbeer that you absolutely MUST try.

Hope you get to see the movie today and, if you're not a big Harry Potter fan, that you can find something in your life to give you the feeling of being connected to people that you've never met through a character, or find something to guide you, or to always seem like home and familiar to you as challenges come your way. 

Have a great Friday! 

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