A Lovely Saturday

30 October 2011

Noah and his brother spent some time clearing off the cars yesterday morning. Of course snow was thrown at one another a few times with an innocent shrug of "it wasn't on purpose". 

I love that you could see the fall leaves yesterday with their bright colors amid the white snow. 

My good, ol' geology boots were brought out of the closet again yesterday to trek through the snow. 

Yesterday I was able to enjoy some time with my guy and future brother-in-law at the house relaxing. I picked up a sun-dried tomato & mozzarella panini for Noah along with tomato bisque soup for myself at Panera Bread. The soup was perfect with little croutons and a just right amount of spice. I spent a few hours in the library attempting to get homework done and ended up working on Save the Dates to send out instead. Finally I ended the day by cleaning the apartment with some lit candles urging me on and eventually plopped down to bed to watch some Big Bang Theory. 

Oh, and I totally knitted the scarf that I'm wearing in that last picture. Oh yes.

Winter is Coming

29 October 2011

Well, this may be a first for me. My town is covered in snow this October which has my jaw dropping and me being grateful that I can stay indoors all day long. 

I think I'm going to make some hot chocolate, work on knitting my hat, and cuddle under a blanket while watching a movie or, you know, finish my mountains of homework relating to graphic organizers, year round school, and lesson plans. 

At least I have this lovely winter wonderland to encourage me! Have a lovely weekend!

Alzheimer's Walk

28 October 2011

My sister is participating in raising awareness (and funds) for Alzheimer's at a walk this coming month. If you want to learn more about the cause or donate you can check out her page. While my family mostly has dealt with cancer, heart attacks, and diabetes, Noah's family has been dealing with Alzheimer's. 

I met his grandma in the first year of our dating. She was very kind and funny but she had severe Alzheimer's at that point. She introduced herself to me several times during Thanksgiving dinner which was the first day I met her. I only met her about three times before she passed away and it's always been hard for the family to see the disease not only in her but now in one of Noah's uncles. 

Do you have a certain health history in your family that is close to your heart? 

Save the Dates

27 October 2011

Ok, so Noah and I are ever so slowly making headway on our wedding plans. Today I got the nicest surprise! Checking back on Perfect Palette's blog I checked to see the winner (announced yesterday) of their Save the Date giveaway. Noah and I won! When I first checked I thought it must surely be a different Alli but we got a confirmation email today. We were going to order them last week but I told Noah to hold off on the off chance that we won. I love when things just work out this way. 

Cake Off

It's that time of year again. The trombones and melophones had their annual cake off and the trombones won for the fifth year running. Cake and milk EVERYWHERE. It made for a fun Friday night last weekend.

Reasons to Smile

21 October 2011

I've listed my favorite thing about fall, but my favorite may be the changing of the leaves. It's beautiful. This photo was taken while geocaching around our campus last weekend. I loved that you could see the mountains and the fall foliage so I practically begged Noah to take a picture which is why I'm practically smirking in the picture. 

My reasons to smile today:
  • Finally getting in some healthy foods (you read that right - healthy)
  • Loving my practicum
  • Getting some homework done ahead of time
  • Enjoying some free time in an afternoon (which didn't happen much senior year of undergraduate)
  • Marking some "to do"s off the list
  • Plans for pumpkin patches & hayrides in the near future
  • It's FRIDAY! I love my practicum, yet after five days I'm totally ready to sleep in tomorrow! Sleep, glorious sleep!
I can't believe how much practicum has sapped my time at the blog. When I come home now I'm talking to Noah and trying to see friends and, in a way, it's a very good thing because it's making me prioritize my time more. I love the blog and I'm sure when these eight weeks are over (three to go!) I'll be back at it on a regular basis. 

Knitting Newbie

19 October 2011

Knitting is turning out to be pretty fun for me! I've never had a hobby where I can make things before. It's always been scrapbooking or photography which, while oodles of fun, don't produce a tangible product. In this way it's been really fun to knit and feel like I'm getting nowhere only to have a tea cozy or a scarf about four hours later.

My fingers are crossed that practice makes perfect because I feel like I'm still a little slow at the stitches and I have not mastered purling yet. Luckily for me, the hat I'm working on (gray, left picture) will be perfect without any fancy stitches.

All in all I'm proud to have learned something and hope to continue on with it! 

While I'm at it, does anyone know how to crochet? That's next on my list.

Fall Favorites

17 October 2011

My fall favorites:

Starbucks' Caramel Apple Spice drink 

Comfy cardigans and fleeces

Working on knitting and purling patterns {and learning how to use circular needles}

Learning a new instrument. {How many fiances think to buy their gal a ukulele?}

The changing of the leaves

HP Late Night Breakfast

15 October 2011

A few nights ago I met up with a couple of friends for a game night in which we played Spot It and Bananagrams. It's always fun to see people react to speed games and reflexes because some people are focused and some are a bouncing, nervous wreck. Hah! 

Then we went to a Harry Potter themed Late Night Breakfast. Our university hosts them and they go from 10pm until around midnight. We had a great time eating themed foods, coloring HP pictures, and running around on a bouncy castle. 

Have an excellent weekend!

The Little Things

13 October 2011

Since I started practicum every Wednesday has felt like a Friday. It has been messing with me! Fortunately, Thursdays feel right on track.

I wanted to share a few things that are making me smile with you.

1. Dove dark chocolate with a raspberry swirl. Delicious.
2. Spray Painting frames and putting in quotes to ponder as I go around my room.
3. Mint Green Tea. About 4 cups of water, 4 green tea bags, 3 tablespoons sugar (or less if that's a bit sweet for your taste) and 10 or so peppermint sprigs. amazing and relaxing. This is some mighty fine tea if I do say so myself.

Hope your week has been treating you well! What's your personal favorite tea? Are you a chocolate eater or do you enjoy salty treats?

Reasons to Love

11 October 2011

{He's always there to lean on}

I was thinking yesterday that I don't sit down and write about what I appreciate about Noah often enough.  Sometimes the irritating bits of the week (him working full time on my weekends) stand out so much more than the good stuff (holding hands and eating together).

We sat down after I got home from practicum and we talked for half an hour. Just talked. We were home by ourselves and I can't quite explain how nice it was to sit and just be together. It feels like it's been a long time. I have not yet taken for granted the relationship that we have but we've both noticed that we have less to talk about at the end of a day that the other hasn't already heard or experienced.

Anyways, I decided to take some time to write down some things that I love about Noah so here goes!

I love:

1. His laugh. Even when he's only laughing because he knows he just annoyed me.
2. The way he'll get up from bed and get me a glass of water at night.
3. The notes he writes me in red pen.
4. How he gives me a back massage. Every night.
5. That he is always ready for cuddle position (meaning he'll let me put my cold feet between his legs while I'm trying to fall asleep)
6. How we have grown to watch each other's favorite tv shows.
7. That he always tries new foods that I put in front of him and opens my mind to new things.
8. How he talks about the future with me.
9. That after six years of dating he has only ever expressed love and interest in me.
10. His willingness to do "mini-dates" throughout our week.

Make a list of things you love about someone whether it's your significant other, a friend, a sibling, or a parent. Share some things that you love here too and better yet share it with them!

Adoring Autumn & the Weekend

10 October 2011

You know what I love? A Caramel Apple Spice drink from Starbucks as I sit down to study. What's  your favorite drink to relax with? 

The other day my roommate and I went on a run in the park across the street. It's a 1.5 mile trail and I'm really proud about getting out to run. Now that practicum has started I'm finding myself less motivated to get up during my 'free time' and go workout. Goal for today is GO TO THE GYM. 

I've also been spending a decent amount of my free time at Michaels. Those sly dogs keep giving me 40% and 50% off coupons. Why yes, I would like a can of spray paint for $3 - how thoughtful! 

This fall weather is just perking me right up too. It's even a little chilly in the apartment this morning which brings the concern to mind that winter may be just around the corner (and arriving a little sooner than I'd like). 

Are there any Monday blues out there? I'm feeling it a little this morning, but hey, maybe I'm just tired. Still hope you have a Happy Monday! 

Aspirations 101

09 October 2011

October is off to a solid start and I'm enjoying my time in the classroom as well as outside in my personal life. The trees are changing around here and the air has a perfect crisp quality to it in the mornings and cools off enough in the evenings for a run in the park. Life is beautiful. I'm here today though to catch up on my 101 list.

1. Take a photo every day for a month. Maybe I'll start this one soon? I'm taking enough photos as it is that I might actually make it every day.

33. Do more DIY projects. Let me tell ya, I've been hitting up Michaels as if it's my job this week. Spray paint, 50% off coupons, and yarn may have something to do with it. 

37. Learn a craft. Later today I have a friend coming over to show me how to purl. Woot! Moving upwards with my knitting skills. Lets get together and knit sometime shall we?

68. Plan meals in advance. Noah and I have made a valiant effort this week with three things in mind: healthy, cheap, and quick. Not that easy to do.

Here's to another lovely week!


08 October 2011

It was our high school's homecoming game last night and we enjoyed seeing old friends, watching the game, and cheering on the band at their halftime show. I have loved every stage of my life as I've gone through them and I truly love where I am now, but it was great to go back and remember what it was like to be in high schol and just date my guy. 

Have you ever gone back to where you first met or gone on dates in the same places you dated in your first years of dating? Where was your first date?


07 October 2011

{trees changing color near my apartment}

Today has been a doozy and it's only 1pm! That's ok though because tonight I'll be seeing lots of family and friends at a homecoming football game and our annual apple butter making event.

This morning I taught ninth grade students about air masses and fronts after having a feeling of light-headedness, naseau, and a headache. I'm alright now but I think I'll need to catch up on a lot of sleep this weekend. How on Earth do teachers work with kids so long and not get sick? I hope my immune system can build up some stamina? {Are you listening immune system? I'm talking to you!}

To end the week on a high note, here are my reasons to smile:

  • All my instruction went pretty well. (Except I inadvertently cussed in front of the class. You say "warm air mass" enough times and eventually it just comes out wrong [ie warm air mass].... I was SO embarrassed!)
  • Less homework than normal for the week
  • Going to bed at 10:30 - Ah, glorious sleep
  • Buying new yarn for scarves and hats

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you get a chance to enjoy our wonderful fall weather. What is your favorite thing about the autumn season? 


06 October 2011


It's 7am in the morning once again and I'm posting last minute before heading out to the high school. I wanted to say two things.

1). Go check out Bethany's blog (especially this post) and do us all a favor - WEAR PINK. If you take a picture of yourself wearing pink and email it to her (at wwrinserepeat@gmail.comthen she'll donate $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

2). Coffee is my bff right now, for real.

Reasons to Smile

05 October 2011

I grew up on a five acre plot in the county and my parents house was literally surrounded by tall trees and underbrush. The only time of year you can see the house from the road is at Christmas (and that's only because my dad is a maniac when it comes to the amounts of Christmas lights we use).

Now, when I go home I notice just how green the land is there in the summer and the many shades of red, yellow, and orange in the fall. My apartment is in the city limits of a new town and, while there is a park nearby, there are no real trees or plants that surround us. The other day though, I was coming up the apartment and passed by this bush with bright, little orange berries popping out from the green. It made me smile to know that fall is truly here and that there are little bursts of nature to be found, even in the city.

Reasons to Smile:

  • nature
  • practicum
  • coffee (xs 3 or xs 5)
  • comfortable shoes to wear
  • making apple butter this weekend
  • clicking with my host teacher
  • getting over my nerves
  • learned a basic knit stitch
  • fall is here
What are your reasons to smile? Are you glad autumn has arrived?

Science, School, and Me - Oh My!

04 October 2011

I'm slowly settling into my practicum experience at a local high school so soon I should be back to my blogging and commenting self. Sorry for the delay! 

I've been getting quite comfortable in my classroom and even taught for a bit yesterday. We've been talking about density, air pressure, and have started on weather quite recently. It's been fun and I really enjoy my students and host teacher. She's been an excellent resource and every day I find out we have more in common. 

While in the classroom I feel like I smile a lot and I still find things ninth graders say about as funny as sixth graders. Hope you're having a good week so far!

Aspirations 101

02 October 2011

63. Tutor or find a way to get more involved in the local schools. Honestly, I wrote this one in January when I wanted to keep up with schools and students after getting out of my middle school practicum. Now however, I am in a high school every day and will be next semester as well. Then, after summer, I'll be teaching full time. This could probably be marked off the list!

67. Make a budget every two weeks. Have you ever used Mint.com? I just started this weekend and as a lazy budgeter it makes me want to weep with joy using a readily available budget creator. The program will even text me when I get near to going over a budget. That's pretty sweet.

70. Communicate with home on a weekly basis. My grandparents just got Skype two weeks ago on their computer and just recently we've been been Skyping on Wednesday evenings. I think it's really cool that my grandparents (and dad) will do this to talk with me since it's rare that I drive home any more. Technology is awesome.

78. Host a brunch with friends. Yesterday we had eight people stay in our four person apartment. In the morning I woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes for everyone. I thought about counting that for this goal, but I want the brunch to be purposeful meaning candles, flowers, and a little invite over to the apartment so I won't mark this off the list quite yet.

Check out my full list of aspirations here. What are your goals and aspirations?
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