Dreams Postponed

17 January 2012


The more research I do the more likely it seems that my dream of moving to the UK will have to be postponed. There is a part of me that accepts this and a whole other part of me that aches with the thought. We've looked into international schools and military bases abroad but without experience under our belts we don't seem to be likely candidates. That only leaves the public school systems to us, but without experience or a VISA this seems to be a massive undertaking that I'm not sure we can handle on top of job applications, a wedding, student teaching, and an upcoming graduation. 

I know this won't be the end of my dream, it just seems that this would be a great time to move forward with it. I'm always afraid that we'll settle down and get comfortable. It seems that we'll have to take the cards we're dealt though and gain some more experience in the field of education first.

If you have any suggestions (or lets be honest, connections) and wouldn't mind sharing them I'd love to hear them! What's your biggest dream? 


barefoot mama said...

oh, I think you will get there. Maybe it's just not the perfect time, yet:))

My dream..hmm I'd have to say my biggest at the moment would be for our farm to be completely sustainable. It's a huge undertaking and we have come so far since we first set this goal 2yrs ago and we still have a long way to go:) Maybe someday I'll be visiting your blog and read about you drinking coffee in the UK while I enjoy a meal that came completely from my land:)) Here's to dreams worth working for.....

~ Barefoot Mama

bethany said...

I have the hardest time postponing dreams, because like you, I fear that I'll never get back around to it--that they'll always be something in the way. But, I like to believe that there's a dream in your heart and you're determined, you'll find a way. Even if it's in a few years...you'll find a way! :)

My biggest dream right now is...I'm embarrassed to say it...but to write a book, if only for myself. To say I did it. But I'm at a place where I don't even know where to start! So, I keep putting that back on the shelf, like someday I'll magically know how to start. Teehee. Someday I'll have to face it. :)

Living abroad was my biggest dream five or six years ago...and it's just looking like it will be obtainable in the next few months. It took forever to get here, but I'm glad it did, because I know I'm in a place to fully enjoy it when it happens. :)Anyway, if you need to bide your travel fever, once I'm overseas (hopefully by this summer!), you are always welcome to come for an extended vacation and pretend that you live there. It probably won't be the UK, but it might be fun! :)

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