The Fitness Dilemma

23 January 2012


I've fallen far behind the curve with working out during graduate school.  Part of this is due to practicum and student teaching but a greater part is caused by my lack of motivation. Last semester, for the first time in my life, I felt fat. This is unacceptable and has to change now.

 I'm sure the next couple of months (especially the next couple of days) will be a challenge. Overall, I'm happy and fine but if I already struggle with bettering myself then maybe I need to get on the track now because I know it'll be harder in a few years. Oddly, even with these thoughts in my head my biggest problem is changing my diet and actually leaving my house to go to the gym. Noah and I went to a gym last night to look around and are going to sign up for a membership. Although we could use the school gym for free we can't park there because student teachers don't have university parking passes and I'm secretly hoping that paying money to go to a gym will be a bit more motivating. Nothing motivates like money motivates.

Do you have any suggestions for a way to stay motivated with eating healthier and working out after being at work all day?


Erin {pughs' news} said...

The best suggestion I can make is to schedule it in. If it's written on the calendar {Yoga class, 6pm or Treadmill, 40 minutes} you're more likely to do it.

Good luck! I know how hard it is to stay motivated in the middle of the winter...

Pretty Prairie said...

I feel the same way! People say the best way to accomplish exercise is to make it the first thing you do in your day - but that's tough!

Good luck.

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