Geocaching Adventure

16 January 2012

Yesterday Noah and I went out for the afternoon to find a few more geocaches in our area. We've found 83 now which brings me a bit closer to my goal of 100 in the next year and a half or so. It's really a great way to get outside.

At one point though, we followed the GPS coordinates to a location behind a local strip mall. Since part of the goal of this global game is to be stealthy around 'muggles' we parked behind the building to climb up the hill out back from the store. Then a truck pulled around while we were behind some pinetrees and we had to wait about 10 minutes before they left and we could come down again. Hah! 

Of course, no outing is complete until you finish it off with some coffee. Noah and I are using up our Starbucks gift cards we got for Christmas. I love me some peppermint mochas in the morning!

Hope you had a lovely weekend as well. 

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