A Little Froyo

31 January 2012

Noah and I have been enjoying lots of frozen yogurt for the past five months or so. While those of you in California probably have never experienced life without frozen yogurt stands, little towns in the heart of Virginia do not often have such luxuries. Fortunately, a small business came to our town this past summer and the university students have been flocking to the shop. 

Noah loves to mix his up getting all different flavors, from cake batter to very berry. Then he adds in a ton of different toppings. I like to stick with my favorite (after trying about eight) which is Country Vanilla. Then I love to add some heath bars. Lately though I've been forcing myself to add at least three different fruits with no chocolate toppings.... and you know what? It's almost as good. Hah! 

I love this little town and it's great that it's growing little by little. One day I want to live in a city and be able to walk everywhere I need to go but, for now, this is a great place to spend my early 20s. 

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Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

hey alli
my sister loves froyos!! i must confess havnt got into it yet.. but you never know.
thanks for your comments on my blog last week, apologies its taken a while to return and get back to you.
with love

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