A Little Remembrance

27 January 2012

The beginnings of a great day are in the air. I have slight nerves caused by a drastic change in schedule for this teacher work day, but I feel that I will accomplish a lot during the next twelve hours or so. 

Last night, Noah and I went to a women's basketball game at our university where we stomped on the opposing team. It felt great to get out of the house and watch a sporting event. The basketball games here are low key compared to our football games and I just felt young to be there. Noah and I could wear casual clothes, we ate nachos and had a soda while sitting just off the bleachers so our cabooses were on the floor. I always feel so adult and serious now that it was great to sit back and have some fun. It was a strong reminder of the times we had as teens in the pep band at our high school. 

Sometimes a little remembering goes a long way. It can rekindle love, laughter, and a sense of fulfillment. 

My time with Noah has been great during college and grad school, but sometimes remembering the kids we were is just as fun! 

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Morgan said...

reminiscing is the best!

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