Student Teaching

14 January 2012

Wow! Sorry it's been a bit since I did a post catching you up. I started at my student teaching placement this past Monday and every day since has consisted of school, food, and sleep. Seriously! Noah is at a middle school currently and I'm at a high school that is forty minutes away. That means we're waking up at 5:50, leaving at 7am, and stay at school until 3:30. Then I have a forty minute commute back home. We've been trying to go to bed at 10pm or earlier but some nights we're in bed before then. Our record so far is this past Wednesday when we both got home at 4:30, made dinner, filled up on gas for our cars, and then fell asleep from 6:30pm-6:00am the next morning. We've been exhausted.

Since this is our first week we're mostly observing and doing mini-lessons (like I taught the phases of the moon this past week with diagrams and demonstrations). In a normal placement I would probably start taking over our last block this coming week after watching him do lessons during the first or second block but instead we have our SOLs. No, if you're out of state that's not a bad word. SOLs are our Standards of Learning which we're required to have our students take as a form of assessment and evaluation of our teaching methods.

Well, my school is having SOLs next week and at the beginning of my fourth week in placement (out of a total of eight weeks) we're getting a whole bunch of new kids at the start of our second semester! This means that my thesis can't really begin until the fourth week of my placement which puts me way behind where I should be on that. JMU is prepared for that though, every year they have a few students in the grad program that face this challenge. The bright side for me is that I'll have a lot of time to plan assessments, lesson plans, and complete all of the work I can on my thesis beyond info about my students.

If you're teaching, know that I have respect for you - especially if you have kids. My days are already exhausted just from adjusting to the schedule, eating, and sleeping. I can't imagine taking care of another human right now!

I'll try to do more updates on the weekends that can be posted during the week (funny quotes kids say and such) but looking at this past week, my weekdays will be pretty sparse most likely this semester. I love blogging and I actually plan to use it as part of my "me time".... It's just that almost everything I'll have to say will be about teaching and sometimes it can be frustrating to come home and talk about my workday after being there for eight hours. I swear when I get back in to the high school in the morning that I never even left the night before because it has feels like I'm there all the time! (When you fall asleep at 6:30 the night before that means you only have 2 personal hours after getting home from school before going back to school).

{After school one day, when I was leaving it was snowing.}

Ok, sorry this is so long! I'll try to keep more updates so you won't get a novel like this and if you're a teacher I'd love to hear suggestions for meals that are easy, ways to engage students, behavior management, or how to keep up personal time and time with friends while planning.

Hope you're having a wonderful week and I look forward to catching up with your blogs! Know that I still like to read when I can, I just don't always have the time to respond now (oh, real world, you're so hard on me!).


Morgan said...

hope it gets easier and you have as much fun as it sounds like you are!

Jenn W said...

oh man, reading this is giving me a little idea of what i'm going to be going through in a few weeks...i dont think i'm prepared for the exhaustion. i'll be student teaching in a 4-year-old inclusive classroom so i'm sure i'll have busy days and will probably be in bed super early every evening...i hope i can transition easily into it after doing NOTHING ever break!

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