Washington, DC

06 January 2012

Noah and I dropped his brother off at the Dulles Airport last week and decided to take the opportunity to head into DC. We drove around for a good while, paid an absurd amount of money for parking, went into the Newseum, and ate at a little local restaurant before heading on the road to meet my sister and her boyfriend in Reston, Virginia. All in all we had a pretty good time although I do suggest taking a GPS with you if you're going to drive in a city that doesn't have a grid pattern (seriously zoom in on all those diagonal lines on this map!!).

Somewhat surprisingly, my favorite part was just driving around the city and then eating afterwards. Normally when we go into DC we just take Constitution Avenue straight to the museums but this time we spent a full hour driving around. It's interesting to see the city this way because there is a mix of older structures and more modern ones. Once while we were driving around we unwittingly came across the white house (4th picture from top). That's when we decided to head to the Newseum because we had a better idea of where we were.

I'd like to go back again soon. Plus this works towards checking off a DC museum on my 101 List (#14).

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