A Different View

07 February 2012


Student teaching has been a constant reminder that I am in that awkward professional stage. To others in the field I am young and merely a student, yet to those that I teach I am a teacher and an authority. It's quite strange...and a good deal funny. I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been asked in the past three weeks:
  • (by a teacher) Are you a new student?
  • (by a student) Are you Mr. Host's substitute?
  • Are you a JMU professor?
  • Do you have a kid? (to which I responded "Do you mean a human child? No!")
  • Are you Mr. Host's wife? 
  • Will you be our teacher next year?
  • So will you be teaching us until Mr. Host returns in March? (when a student assumed that because I was present, my host teacher must be leaving).
  • How old are you? 30? 
It's very funny to get a look at how students view me. Honestly, if they want to assume I'm 30 or old enough to have a kid I will most certainly let them!


Morgan said...

hahaa you crack me up!
kids say the craziest things!
i was hanging out with a little boy a couple weeks ago and he asked me to escape with him....to waffle house!
:) so cute

Ashley said...

I've been reading every post, but haven't been commenting since I'm reading from Reader on the iPad. I'm glad you guys found a restaurant you liked and that your student teaching is going so well! I love seeing all your science pins all over Pinterest and if we ever homeschool I'll have to go back and repin them myself!

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