Last Day in High School

28 February 2012

... for a while anyway. 

Today is my final day driving 40 minutes away to my placement and I know I'll miss my students. I bet you never forget your student teacher group. They let you learn so much and it's hard to believe how fast this placement went by. 

The bright side is I'll get to see my sister this weekend then jump in at the middle school level. I've enjoyed high school, but I'm excited to try my hand with sixth graders again since it's been about two years since my last placement with that age group. 

I'm really enjoying teaching so far. Thank you for all your words of encouragement when it came to the job fair. I actually had some schools stop me to ask if they could have an interview. Luckily, sometimes being an "earth science" major speaks for itself. The best news of the day was when an interviewer told me that if he knew there would be spots available he would hire me for middle school on the spot. So, I'll email him when I send in an application. 

Truly, thanks for the support! Hope you're having a great week so far!

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