Midnight in Paris

02 February 2012

Over winter break Noah's brother was in town for the holidays, taking a break from his California sun to see his family. While looking for a movie one night he told us we had to watch Midnight in Paris. I'm so glad he suggested it. Now the movie is in the running for an Oscar

While we stepped on the Paris boat pretty late, both Noah and I loved the film. Our main character Gil, played by Owen Wilson, has always felt that he was meant to live in Paris during the 1920s. We follow along as he experiences his dreams and as he deals with his reality. 

As I'm not a movie person, I was pleasantly surprised by Midnight in Paris and may actually purchase the film to add to our collection. From us, that means a lot

1 comment:

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I'm sold! Maybe I can get a hold of it this weekend. I'm in need of a good movie and a glass of wine and an evening of lounging on the couch... This looks perfect!

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