Reasons to Smile

20 February 2012

It's another edition of Reasons to Smile today and currently I feel like I have a plethora of them to share with you!

  • I have the day off for President's Day! YES.
  • My high school placement is almost over and while that is sad, I'm very excited to start at my middle school placement. Look on the bright side right?
  • I was able to see not one, but two of my bridesmaids on Friday night. Since all three live in different cities, I felt very fortunate to see them. Now I just need to take a jaunt to Williamsburg to see my sister and Maid of Honor.
  • Today I should be making the purchase of my wedding dress! 
  • My thesis unit was completed last week
  • The tulips from Valentine's day are still looking lovely
  • There is a teacher recruitment fair at my university in exactly one week
  • My dad sent a card in the mail that said "Happy Valentine's Day to a Wonderful Daughter and Son-in-Law". Before my mom passed away she called Noah her son but this is the first time I can remember my dad saying the same thing. Since, on technicality, Noah is not a son-in-law yet this means a lot to me.

AND for good measure, here's a list of ways to make yourself smile if you're feeling a little down:
  • Dance to your favorite song while no one is watching SHAKE IT
  • Buy yourself a five dollar bouquet of flowers to set on your desk
  • Try something new - for me that's wearing brightly colored stockings to work
  • Do a photo shoot. Take a few photos with your friends with a disposable camera and wait to get them developed. 
  • Take a walk in a local park
  • Buy a new, daring shade of lipstick to try out
  • Write some cards to your friends to surprise them. Everyone loves mail and you may get some cards back!

1 comment:

Courtney B said...

LOVE this list! And it's the perfect day to remember that we need to smile! Because Mondays don't always make me want to smile, haha :)

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