Adventures in Sixth Grade: Let's Begin

06 March 2012

Yesterday I stepped into a sixth grade classroom for the first time in nearly two years. It was wonderful. My host teacher is an older guy but he is really into keeping up with the current times in the field of education. He does work with NEED, the Jason Project, and regularly goes to conferences. 

I've noticed that my students look incredibly small to me after working with high school students consistently for a year. And, so far, I've been asked to be a chaperone by six different kids for their upcoming field trip, what my favorite color is, and what type of movies I like. Plus, more kids have pronounced my name correctly in one day at the middle school than kids did during eight weeks at the high school.

Let's just say, I'm pretty pumped to be back in middle school.


Morgan said...

i'm glad you're liking 6th grade!
it's right before we all hit puberty and shut down!

Laura Elaine said...

Children a truly a wonder! They are so intent on getting to know people and being happy :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

To me, a kindergarten teacher, the 6th graders look huge!

My first contract was teaching a Gr 5/6 split class. I loved it.

Hope you'll have a fabulous practicum, Alli!

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